Myths And Legends Of California And The Old Southwest by Katherine Berry Judson

Myths And Legends Of California And The Old Southwest

Katherine Berry Judson


Myths And Legends Of California And The Old Southwest by Katherine Berry Judson

Miss Judson has collected these myths and legends from many printed sources. She disclaims originality, but she has rendered a service that will be appreciated by the many who have sought in vain for legends of the Indians. There is an agreeable surprise in store for any lover of folk-lore who will read these books. Contents:The Beginning Of NewnessThe Men Of The Early TimesCreation And LongevityOld Mole's CreationThe Creation Of The WorldSpider's CreationThe Gods And The Six RegionsHow Old Man Above Created The WorldThe Search For The Middle And The Hardening Of The WorldOrigin Of LightPokoh, The Old ManThunder And LightningCreation Of ManThe First Man And WomanOld Man Above And The GrizzliesThe Creation Of Man-Kind And The FloodThe Birds And The FloodLegend Of The FloodThe Great FloodThe Flood And The Theft Of FireLegend Of The Flood In Sacramento ValleyThe Fable Of The AnimalsCoyote And SunThe Course Of The SunThe Foxes And The SunThe Theft Of FireThe Theft Of FireThe Earth-Hardening After The FloodThe Origins Of The Totems And Of NamesTraditions Of WanderingsThe Migration Of The Water PeopleCoyote And The Mesquite BeansOrigin Of The Sierra Nevadas And Coast RangeYosemite ValleyLegend Of Tu-Tok-A-Nu'-La (El Capitan)Legend Of Tis-Se'-Yak (South Dome And North Dome)Historic Tradition Of The Upper TuolumneCalifornia Big TreesThe Children Of CloudThe Cloud PeopleRain SongRain SongRain SongThe Corn MaidensThe Search For The Corn MaidensHasjelti And HostjoghonThe Song-HunterSand Painting Of The Song-HunterThe Guiding Duck And The Lake Of DeathThe Boy Who Became A GodOrigin Of Clear Lake... and many more ...

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