Myths And Legends Of The Great Plains by Katherine Berry Judson

Myths And Legends Of The Great Plains

Katherine Berry Judson


Myths And Legends Of The Great Plains by Katherine Berry Judson

Miss Judson has collected these myths and legends from many printed sources. She disclaims originality, but she has rendered a service that will be appreciated by the many who have sought in vain for legends of the Indians. There is an agreeable surprise in store for any lover of folk-lore who will read these books. Contents:The CreationHow The World Was MadeThe Flood And The RainbowThe First FireThe Ancestors Of PeopleOrigin Of StrawberriesSacred LegendThe Legend Of The Peace PipesA Tradition Of The CalumetThe Sacred PoleIkto And The ThundersThe Thunder BirdThe Thunder BirdSong To The Thunder GodsSongs Of The Buffalo HuntSongs Of The Buffalo HuntOrigin Of The BuffaloThe Buffalo BeingThe Youth And The Underground PeopleThe Buffalo And The Grizzly BearMy First Buffalo HuntBird OmensThe Bird ChiefSong Of The BirdsSong Of Kawas, The EagleThe Eagle's RevengeThe Race Between Humming Bird And CraneRabbit And The TurkeysUnktomi And The Bad SongsHow The Pheasant Beat CornWhy The Turkey GobblesOmaha BeliefsPawnee BeliefsA Song Of HospitalityA Song Of The MarchSong Of The Prairie BreezeOld-Woman-Who-Never-DiesLegend Of The CornTradition Of The Finding Of HorsesDakota Beliefs And CustomsWhy The Tetons Bury On ScaffoldsThe Ghost's ResentmentThe Forked RoadsTattooed GhostsA Ghost StoryThe Ghost And The TravelerThe Man Who Shot A GhostThe Indian Who Wrestled With A GhostThe Wakanda, Or Water GodThe Spirit LandWaziya, The Weather SpiritKansas Blizzards... and many more ...

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