Little White Bird by James Matthew Barrie

Little White Bird

James Matthew Barrie


Little White Bird by James Matthew Barrie

Where did Peter Pan come from? There is a very general conception that he stepped from Mr. Barrie's day-dreams straight upon the boards. But those who remember that delicate piece of sentiment, "e;The Little White Bird, or Adventures in Kensington Gardens"e; will find him already grown to his eternal youth there. In the story that the lonely old bachelor tells the boy David, Peter Pan is the same lad, whose "e;age is a week"e; and who "e;escaped from being human when he was seven days old; he escaped by the window and flew back to the Kensington Gardens,"e; where, like all children, he had been a bird before he was born; and he lives in Kensington Gardens, which is the Never Never Land of "e;The Little White Bird."e;This is the extended annotated edition including a rare and very detailed essay about the life and works of the author.

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James Matthew Barrie
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15th October 2013




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