Magical Monarch Of Mo by L. Frank Baum

Magical Monarch Of Mo

L. Frank Baum


Magical Monarch Of Mo by L. Frank Baum

In this book are several tales of the Beautiful Valley of Phunnyland, a very remarkable place where no one ever dies, and people are always young and beautiful. All the necessities of life-and the luxuries too-grow on trees in this valley, so one merely has to wait until the object of one's desire is ripe and then pick it. As everywhere else, it rains in Phunnyland, but the drops are lemonade, the lightning resembles fireworks and "e;the thunder is usually a chorus from the opera of Tannhauser."e;

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Robert Ingpen was born in 1936 in Geelong, Australia and is an established Australian artist and author. He and his wife, Angela, live in Australia, and have four children and four grandchildren.

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L. Frank Baum
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24th March 2014




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