Red Badge Of Courage by Stephen Crane

Red Badge Of Courage

Stephen Crane


Red Badge Of Courage by Stephen Crane

This is the extended annotated edition including a rare and extensive biographical essay on the author, his life and works. Mr. Stephen Crane's picture of the effect of actual fighting on a raw regiment is simply unapproached in intimate knowledge and sustained imaginative strength. In the supreme moments of the fight he is possessed by the fiery breath of battle, and finds an inspired utterance that will reach the universal heart of man. This extraordinary book will appeal strongly to the insatiable desire to know the psychology of war-how the sights and sounds, the terrible details of the drama of battle, affect the senses and the soul of man. This is not merely a remarkable book; it is a revelation Mr. Crane has laid the War God on the dissecting-table, and exposed his every bone and nerve and sinew and artery to the public gaze.

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1st July 2014




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