At the Zoo by Emily Heyser

At the Zoo

Emily Heyser


At the Zoo by Emily Heyser

With the loveable cartoon characters Ben and Bella as companions, your child will take an exciting trip to the zoo - and all in the English language!This colorfully illustrated, interactively enhanced e-book makes learning English an entertaining experience. While Ben and Bella hunt for a missing baby monkey and help a lion with a sore throat, your child will learn the English names for many zoo animals and nature objects as well as a host of active verbs. With the touch of a finger, your child will be able to hear the story read by a native English speaker and follow the text as it is read. Key words are pictured on the bottom of each page. "e;Play buttons"e; next to these images allow your child to test his or her knowledge of important English vocabulary words. A special attribute of this entertaining e-book is a "e;treasure hunt"e;. Hidden among all illustrated pages of the book are objects that will be identified by the native speaker with a touch of your child's finger. A star will appear beside each identified object. This hunt for all the starred objects will not only be fun for your child but will help reinforce new vocabulary words.

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Emily Heyser
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11th January 2013




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