Ot mylnogo puzyria do fantika. by Evgeniy Kliuev

Ot mylnogo puzyria do fantika.

Evgeniy Kliuev


Ot mylnogo puzyria do fantika. by Evgeniy Kliuev

This is the first volume of a three-volume, the largest to date, a collection of fairy tales Evgeniy Kliuev - Russia's main storyteller of Copenhagen. All three volumes are published in a series under the title - 100 and 1 fairy tale - and to the brim full of laughing and crying, dreaming and erring, philosophizing and frolicking objects of everyday reality. Each of them has a heart, and that they remind us: they are alive, and they can bring happiness and give a boost, but it is just as easy - to offend or deceive. A child who has read these stories, momentarily becomes an adult. Adult will want to pay a visit to his childhood and to see whether there was anything important there, what he lacked then - when he learned how to measure the distance from the Earth to the Moon, but forgot how to measure the distance from the bubble to the candy wrappers from the coil to the festive march and on the laces up the heart. Evgeniy Kliuev (born 1954) - poet, novelist, playwright, translator, journalist, artist, scholar. He graduated from the Tver State University, "e;Russian language and literature"e;, then - post-graduate studies at the Faculty of Journalism. Ph.D. Specialty - linguistic pragmatics. In 1990-1991. - Chief Editor of the application "e;Literature"e; to the newspaper "e;September 1"e; in 1992-1993. - Chief Editor of "e;Mission"e;, in 1993-1996. - Dean of the Faculty of Journalism of the University of the Russian Academy of Education (URAO). Since 1996 he has been living in Copenhagen (Denmark), where he teaches in the Danish linguistic center, maintaining ties with Russia and continuing to publish the artistic, scientific and journalistic texts mainly in the capital's publishing houses.

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Evgeniy Kliuev
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6th December 2013




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