Ot klubka do prazdnichnogo marsha by Evgeniy Kliuev

Ot klubka do prazdnichnogo marsha

Evgeniy Kliuev


Ot klubka do prazdnichnogo marsha by Evgeniy Kliuev

Before you promised long ago - the second - of the three-volume book entitled One Hundred and one tale . Evgeniy Kliuev has never collected in one publication as tales immediately. Those of you who have wandered from the bubble to the candy wrappers in the company of a loved one's children and adults, have to make a new journey: from the coil to the festive march . At this time in the way you expect a nightingale without a hearing, Chafer, who invented the smile stone lion, a dragon with a Chinese robe, little darling and dozens of other equally bizarre, but always endearing creatures, and some of them you will meet for the first time . Happy surfing - and let it be long, despite the fact that not far off already and the third journey: from the laces to the heart.

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Evgeniy Kliuev
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10th December 2013




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