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Georgian Folk Tales

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Georgian Folk Tales by Anonymous Anonymous

GEORGIAN FOLK TALESPART I GEORGIAN FOLK TALESI Master and PupilII The Three Sisters and their StepmotherIII The Good-for-nothingIV The Frog's SkinV FateVI Ghvthisavari (I am of God)VII The Serpent and the PeasantVIII Gulambara and SulambaraIX The Two BrothersX The PrinceXI Conkiajgharuna1XII Asphurtzela1XIII The Shepherd and the Child of FortuneXIV The Two ThievesXV The Fox and the King's SonXVI The King and the Apple1PART II MINGRELIAN TALES1I The Three PreceptsII Kazha-ndiiIII The Story of Geria, the Poor Man's SonIV The Prince who befriended the BeastsV The Cunning Old Man and the DemiVI SanartiaVII The Shepherd JudgeVIII The Priest's youngest SonPART III GURIAN FOLK TALESI The Strong Man and the DwarfII The Grasshopper and the Ant1III The Countryman and the MerchantIV The King and the SageV The King's SonVI Teeth and No-TeethVII The Queen's WhimVIII The Fool's good FortuneIX Two LossesX The Story of DervishXI The Father's ProphecyXII The Hermit PhilosopherXIII The King's Counsellor1XIV A Witty AnswerONCE upon a time there was a poor peasant who had one son. And it came to pass that his wife said to him: 'He should learn some trade, for when he is separated from thee, what will he do if he is left ignorant like thee?' The wife importuned him; she gave him no rest. So the peasant took his child, and went to seek a master for him. On the way they were thirsty. He saw a rivulet, drank eagerly till his thirst was quenched, and when he lifted up his head he cried out: 'Ah! how good thou art!'1 On saying this, there came forth from the water a devil in the form of a man, and said to the peasant: 'What dost thou want, O man! I am Vakhraca; what troubles thee?' The peasant told him all his story. The devil, when he learnt this, said: 'Give me this son of thine: I will teach him for one year, then come hither; if thou knowest him, it is well, he will go with thee; if not, he is mine and mine alone, he shall be lost to thee.'

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