Valmiki Ramayana by Prema Jayakumar

Valmiki Ramayana

Prema Jayakumar


Valmiki Ramayana by Prema Jayakumar

Was there ever a man so perfect, a ruler so noble, a son so devoted? Outrageous expectations perhaps but they all came true in Lord Rama. Lord Rama, the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu was born to reinstate dharma at a time when it was threatened. But the life of the heir to Ayodhya's throne was one of endurance. Banished to the forest by his own father, Lord Rama, his divinely beautiful wife Sita and faithful brother Lakshmana settle down in Panchavati. Life seems peaceful. But will it stay this way? Why does trouble follow them? How and when will Lord Rama encounter the demon king Ravana? Written in a lucid style that is easy for children to read and with illustrations that transcend boundaries, this timeless epic is brought to you in a refreshingly new format.

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Prema Jayakumar
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19th February 2011




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