Boundless Adventures by Urvi H. Patel

Boundless Adventures

Urvi H. Patel


Boundless Adventures by Urvi H. Patel

"e;Fantasy, fantasy, fantasy... a lot of things to wonder, a lot of things to ponder.Do you know, how Venus became the brightest star? Or what mythology has to do with natural disasters currently affecting our world? We have all heard of 'Dashavtar' but how many of us actually know all the ten avatars and their relationship with each one of us? How did the Animals save the forest? Or how did twin sisters, Jenny and Jane end up saving 'Kaya', the cow's life from the mischievious Elves, while also learning lessons of patience, determination, forgiveness and achieving the impossible!'Boundless Adventures' is a collection of stories written straight from the heart, by Urvi H. Patel, an author who is all of ten years old. So, come, join her on this series of escapades that are sure to take you into a world of fantasy. What are you waiting for?"e;

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Urvi H. Patel
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1st December 2014




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