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If you own an 'e-reader' then our kids eBook store is just for you. Scroll down to see the last three month's worth of eBook recommendations or just search for a book in the search box and we will show you the eBook formats we have available. For the ePub and PDF downloads from Lovereading we strongly recommend you use the free software Adobe Digital Editions to read them.

This Month's Featured eBooks

R. J. Palacio
Wonder was a sensation when it was first published in 2012, and the story of Auggie and his fight to be accepted as a normal boy has now hit the big screen in a movie starring Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson,... Featured in: 9+ readers | 11+ readers
Released 2017-09-26
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Reader ReviewedSee You in the Cosmos
Jack Cheng
In a nutshell: hopeful, inspiring story of one boy's brave journey to find the truth | Space-obsessive Alex Petroski is an unusual eleven-year-old, caring single-handedly for his depressed mother and his puppy Carl Sagan (named after Alex's hero). Readers are... Featured in: 11+ readers | 9+ readers
Released 2017-03-02
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Reader ReviewedThere May Be a Castle
Piers Torday
Longlisted for the UKLA 2018 Book Award In a nutshell: the unbeatable power of the imagination | Piers Torday's beautifully written book is an extraordinary allegory, a story of courage and love, and of the life-affirming importance of stories.... Featured in: 11+ readers | 9+ readers
Released 2017-10-05
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Reader ReviewedThe Road To Ever After
Moira Young
Longlisted for the UKLA 2018 Book Award Moira Young puts her own spin on the Christmas film classic It's a Wonderful Life in this delightful story of friendship and redemption. Young Davy David is an orphan living in a den... Featured in: 11+ readers | 9+ readers
Released 2017-10-19
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Last Month's Featured eBooks

A Boy Called Christmas
Matt Haig
Get into the Spirit of Christmas! | In a nutshell: a Christmas story for one and all! | Matt Haigh invents a brand new Christmas story in his tale of how...
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Reader Reviewed Pax
Sara Pennypacker
A Julia Eccleshare Pick of the Month October 2017 Touching and thought-provoking this is a lyrically-told story perfectly presented in a beautiful book. Peter's life falls apart after his mother...
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Winnie and Wilbur Meet Santa
Valerie Thomas
Winnie and Wilbur are so excited to be getting ready for Christmas! There's a lot to do. Putting up the decorations, baking biscuits, making the Christmas pudding and, most importantly...
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House of Robots: Robot Revolution
James Patterson
In a nutshell: super-readable story | robot rumpus at high school | Uh-oh, things are not running smoothly in the Hayes-Rodriguez household, which is highly unusual, because Mum, a robot scientist,...
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Reader Reviewed The Secret Horses of Briar Hill
Megan Shepherd
The story of a young girl in a sanatorium and the magical winged horses that only she can see, this is beautifully written, beautifully illustrated, a book that will move...
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The Tale of Kitty In Boots
Beatrix Potter
There was great excitement in the literary world earlier this year at the news that an unpublished Beatrix Potter story had been discovered. The Tale of Kitty-in-Boots is out now...
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More Featured eBooks

Reader Reviewed The Wrong Train
Jeremy De Quidt
In a Nutshell: Sinister short stories Sublimely spine-tingling, this evokes all the dread of an ominous tap-tap-tapping on your door in the dead of night. Picture this. You rush to...
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Alex, Approximately
Jenn Bennett
In a Nutshell: Rolling waves of romance in the Californian sun Feel-good fiction at its best: moving, life-affirming, with a heart of sunshiney gold. Movie-loving, vintage-wearing Bailey has found her...
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Wolf Children
Paul Dowswell
In a Nutshell: Survival and sacrifice in post-war Berlin A powerfully thought-provoking portrayal of life among the ruins of post-war Berlin, as experienced by sixteen-year-olds, Otto and Helene, and the...
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Reader Reviewed Raymie Nightingale
Kate DiCamillo
Some momentous things happen in the course of this book: a father leaves, buildings are burgled, a cat is lost and found, hearts are broken, good deeds attempted, and someone...
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Dragon's Green Worldquake Book One
Scarlett Thomas
In a nutshell: ideas-rich fantasy adventure | ideal for book-loving youngsters | Dragon's Green is the kind of dazzling fantasy adventure that leads readers effortlessly back and forth between different worlds, throwing...
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Reader Reviewed Isadora Moon Goes on a School Trip
Harriet Muncaster
In a nutshell: half-vampire, half-fairy, Isadora makes a new friend Lively, told in short chapters and filled with illustrations this appealing series is perfect for newly independent readers. They'll...
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Samson the Mighty Flea
Angela Mcallister
How big a star you are has very little to do with your actual size, but a lot to do with how the world and your friends perceive you, says...
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