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Reader ReviewedEncounters
Jason Wallace
In a Nutshell: Alleged alien encounter inspired by true events | An utterly absorbing novel based on the real-life phenomenon of a group of Zimbabwean schoolchildren claiming to have experienced an extra-terrestrial encounter. With over fifty children asserting that they... Featured in: YA readers
Format: Hardback | Released 04/05/2017
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Reader ReviewedRelease
Patrick Ness
***Recommended for 16+ due to content. In a Nutshell: love, truth and the power of release | A gripping, soulful novel about a life-changing day, which will surely change the lives of those who read it. "Where on earth had... Featured in: YA readers
Format: Hardback | Released 04/05/2017
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Reader ReviewedThe Girl in Between
Sarah Carroll
In a nutshell: powerful and moving story of love, loss and redemption | ‘I'm invisible' says our narrator; and certainly no-one sees her hiding out in the old abandoned mill she calls a Castle, or in the shadows behind her... Featured in: 11+ readers | 13+ readers
Format: Paperback | Released 04/05/2017
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Timmy Failure: The Cat Stole My Pants
Stephan Pastis
In a nutshell: Hilarious sleuthing with boy detective and his sidekick polar bear… | A new Timmy Failure book is always a cause for celebration and this is another glorious mix of humour, surrealism, incompetent detection – and chickens. Timmy... Featured in: 7+ readers | 9+ readers
Format: Hardback | Released 27/04/2017
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Reader ReviewedKing Coo
Adam Stower
A glorious romp of a story full of confusion and chaos but with a strong message about trusting yourself and standing up to bullies. Terrorised by Monty Grabbe, the very nastiest school bully you can imagine, Ben hides under the... Featured in: 9+ readers | 7+ readers
Format: Hardback | Released 04/05/2017
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After the Fire
Will Hill
Deep in the Texas desert, Moonbeam lives with her Brothers and Sisters. They're safe, protected by the Fence and Father John. Because Father John knows what's right and what's wrong. But then Nate arrives from Outside, and suddenly Moonbeam's world... Featured in: YA readers
Format: Paperback | Released 01/06/2017
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Catherine Barter
A coming-of-age story about family, sacrifice and how even the smallest of actions can have great consequences. Fierce and emotional, Troublemakers explores politics, activism and terrorism in contemporary London. Lovereading Review to follow. A Letter from the Author: Dear reader,... Featured in: 13+ readers | YA readers
Format: Paperback | Released 01/06/2017
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Aubrey and the Terrible Ladybirds
Horatio Clare
Aubrey's Easter holidays aren't getting off to a good start. His parents are rowing, he's been shrunk to the size of an earwig by a swallow and the insects are asking him to save the world from starvation. Then he's... Featured in: 9+ readers | 11+ readers
Format: Paperback | Released 15/05/2017
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I love Lovereading as it provides an honest opinion and showcases a range of fiction. Suited to both parents & kids alike, it’s a must-use.

Georgie Rowe – age 16

This company is amazing; not only is it is a great opportunity to get books and review them but everyone is so friendly and supportive!

Jemma Rubens, age 10

A great way to introduce kids to great books, authors & genres. Parents can find age-appropriate books to share with their children.

Judi Davies – Aberdare Girls Sch

I think Lovereading4kids is an amazing company because of the friendly staff and the fabulous chance to read great books before publication.

Adam Graham

I love ‘LoveReading 4 kids’ because they let you read and learn things you’d never dreamed of learning before.

Emily Horncastle – age 11

Love “Lovereading4kids” as my son gets to hear about & read new books before his mates which keeps him interested in reading=a very happy Mum

Liz Evans

I am so pleased to have signed my kids up as they are reading a much wider range of books and even choosing books out of their comfort zone.

Angela East

You give me age appropriate ideas of books I can read and buy for the children and find out what other children their age think of them too.

Katie Lonsdale

One of the real treats of working in the book world is being one of the few who get to read books before they are officially published.

Uncorrected proofs, as they are termed, are the editions of the books produced in small numbers and sent to book reviewers and the book buyers of large book chains.
Well through Lovereading4kids you can now get on the inside track with our ‘Exclusive Pre-publication’ genre.

Each month we will feature a small selection of books that are due to be published officially in the coming months.

You will be able to download and print off an opening extract of these 'not even on the presses' books and decide whether your children will like it enough to pre-order it and be sent it the minute it’s published.

There will also be opportunities to win uncorrected proof copies signed by the author - for any reader this really is something to treasure.


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