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"Astonishing - perfect for all the family" The Sunday Times What On Earth Publishing specialises in the art of telling stories through timelines. Their range of fold-out books make inspirational gifts for children but are equally as enjoyable for adults. All the timelines can be enjoyed as conventional books. There are currently SIX topics in the series - Big History, Nature, Science & Engineering, Sport, Shakespeare and Magna Carta. Each Timeline Wallbook also includes a Chronicle type newspaper providing further reading and articles which give a fully comprehensive study into the subject. In addition to the fantastic Wallbooks there are a range of sticker books and poster books available which you can find at www.whatonearthbooks.com/shop The What On Earth? Timeline series are a fantastic resource for schools and for pupils. Here's what one reader said : “Christopher Lloyd came to our school to give a talk and it was compulsory for me to go. I really dreaded it, and thought that it would be boring. However, to my pleasant surprise the talk was one of the most interesting talks I have ever listened to. It sparked in me a real interest in history and current events, so much so that I went home and got the What On Earth Happened Wallbook and the full book. I have chosen GCSE for history and will likely go on to study it at A-level. Thanks again for what you are doing and for inspiring me.” Aidan Bartholomew (14 years old) Christopher Lloyd interviewd on BBC Breakfast. There are some brilliant resources available for teachers on the What On Earth? website (but parents will find them useful too!) with ideas for lesson planning, creative activities and classroom discussions. Find out more here. There are lots of fun activities too - test out your knowledge in quizzes and puzzles on the What On Earth website...if you get the answers correct you'll win a £5 gift voucher! And visit www.whatonearthbooks.com/activities to download a FREE Activity Book which contains 10 creative learning activities linked to the books in the Wallbook Collection.

The What on Earth publishing house was established by Christopher Lloyd, the author and inspriational force behind the books. Christopher has a passion for learning, having graduated from Cambridge with double first in history and is now in great demand from schools, museums and festivals as a lecturer and storyteller. His book What on Earth Happened has sold over 500,000 copies across the world.

Christopher is very happy to visit schools for talks and workshops - enquire about bookings here.

And you can discover more about this inspiring series at whatonearthbooks.com