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Jennie Webber is London-based visual artist and printmaker. Her etchings and drawings celebrate the diversity and complexity of nature, reflecting her incurable curiosity for the world. Themes of conservation underpin all her work; the idea being that if people are amazed by the natural world, then they will be less likely to destroy it.

Read an interview with Jennie Webber, focusing on the drawing classes she runs where participants draw live wildlife.

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It Starts with a Seed
Laura Knowles - illustrated by Jennie Webber
Shortlisted for the UKLA 2018 Book Award The life cycle of a tree is beautifully described in this outstanding book. A narrative poem alongside exquisite illustrations describes all the different stages, from the moment a sycamore seed falls onto the...
Lovereading Price: £10.39 - Saving £2.60 (20%) Featured in: 5+ readers | 7+ readers
Format: Hardback | Released 21/09/2016
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