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Scary Reads for Halloween!

We have a great selection of spooky reads to get you into the Halloween spirit, to fright and delight in equal measure. 

Our Halloween traditions are drawn from ancient religious and pagan festivals celebrated over the end of autumn. The term Halloween, and its older spelling Hallowe'en, is shortened from All-hallow-even, as it is the evening before "All Hallows' Day" (also known as "All Saints' Day"). Halloween was also sometimes called All Saints' Eve. Allhallowtide was a time for Christians to remember the dead as the nights grew longer and winter arrived.

Halloween may also have roots in the Gaelic festival Samhain, a day of celebration to mark the end of harvest, when bonfires were lit, pranks were played and people dressed up in costumes. The Irish immigrants took their Halloween traditions with them when they settled in the United States, swapped turnip lanterns for the much easier to carve pumpkin and their guising became  trick-or-treating.

The long, dark nights of October bring ghostly connotations as it was believed to be a time when the veil between the living and the dead was the thinnest, and when humans could communicate with those beyond the grave. 

Our modern Halloween has appropriated the customs from all of these festivals and is now a chance for fancy dress and pumpkin carving, apple bobbing, trick or treating and enjoying a scary movie or of course, a scary book!

We have lots of Halloween inspired activities in our Kids Zone including colouring pages, puzzles and party packs.

Scroll on for a frighteningly good selection of books for children of all ages as well as grown-ups who have never quite grown up.

Close the curtains, lock the doors and settle down with one of our spooky reads....

Happy Halloween!

Comments (43)

Tracy B - 12th November 2021

We watched some spooky films

Michael O - 11th November 2021

A long slow walk around my local area with the children

Susan B - 11th November 2021

i love your book lists. I will be coming back to this one! Just decorations and the youngest dressing up this year. No trick or treating.

lynn n - 10th November 2021

We had a family party with Halloween themed food and party games for my five wonderful grandchildren!

Charlotte W - 9th November 2021

We lit a pumpkin and had a lovely dinner together!

nicola m - 24th October 2021

We love halloween, weve had a party and carved pumpkins, weve put up decorations and are trick and treating on actual halloween with a day filled with halloween movies

jackie y - 24th October 2021

decorate the house and hand out sweets to the little monster callers

Laura J - 24th October 2021

We are having a little family party with spooky food!

Marion G - 21st October 2021

Decorating the house and having a party with my Grandchildren

amy f - 21st October 2021

we'll be watching goosebumps and reading goosebump books

Sally C - 21st October 2021

A little party in the garden!

Karen L - 20th October 2021

We might watch a spooky movie with snacks now my children are a little older.

Sean E - 19th October 2021

We will be going bowling and end the evening with snacks and a movie

Gill W - 15th October 2021

I won't be celebrating this year as my partner is quite poorly, but I will make sure I have sweets ready for the Trick or Treaters.

Aaisha H - 13th October 2021

Watch a scary movie and eat lots of sweets

Maria M - 31st October 2020

Normally we go trick or treating ending at my grandads spend half an hour with him then back home with a few sweets while watching a film then bed x

Michael O - 30th October 2020

A quiet one indoors but still plenty of scares!

Jennifer R - 30th October 2020

The kids and I will dress up and we have planned little games with prizes of sweets for the winners x

Natasha L - 28th October 2020

Stay at home with some sweets and scary movies, and a few decorations.

Jane B - 20th October 2020

Just decorate the house and watch my favourite film "The Nightmare Before Christmas".

georgina p - 20th October 2020

We will be decorating our pumpkins that we have grown this year, we will have spooky breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks during the day. we will be doing a spooky craft. also be playing some spooky games including bobbing for apples. as the children are upset that they can't go trick or treating, I will be doing a Halloween sweet hunt. in the evening we will watch spooky films.

Debbie E - 19th October 2020

We’ll be watching ghostbusters and eating spooky treats.

Jenny M - 18th October 2020

We are going to have a little halloween party in our support bubble, I hope my daughter will still have fun as I know she is upset about not doing trick or treating

Christine L - 17th October 2020

It will seem strange tis year not seeing kiddies dressed up and knocking for treats, so this year we'll just be snuggling on the sofa with some scary snacks and a film

Florence T - 17th October 2020


Hayley W - 16th October 2020

Lots of spooky stories, films and plenty of treats! It's our tradition to watch Pumpkin Moon.

Laura J - 14th October 2020

Watching Hocus Pocus,followed by a proper horror film!

YOLANDA D - 13th October 2020

My Grandsons first birthday falls on the 30th October so we'll be celebrating somehow dependant on any new lockdown rules.

Clair R - 12th October 2020

We'll be traditionally celebrating Samhain and honouring our ancestors.

Patricia D - 12th October 2020

It will be quiet this year but I will make a batch of Halloween cup cakes.

lynn n - 11th October 2020

We will have some spooky food and watch a scary film!

lynda s - 7th October 2020

Love the decorations, and being wrapped up all warm.

Victoria J - 7th October 2020

We wont be going trick or treating this year, but we'll still be decorating the house, carving pumpkins and apple bobbing!

Jacqui G - 6th October 2020

Quietly, might even watch a scary DVD but then I end up having to sleep with the lights on!

kim w - 5th October 2020

Last year we hired a caravan for half term and Halloween. We hid the treats around the van, made our pumpkin, dressed up, and made all sorts of scary treats to eat.

Suzanne G - 5th October 2020

We usually have a party but obviously this year, we can't... Probably just trim the dinner table up and have some spooky treats instead and read stories later

Leah T - 1st October 2020

By reading in bed, not into trick or treat.

Gill W - 27th September 2020

I live out in the sticks so don't have many knocks on the door at Halloween. I always buy sweets just incase but usually end up eating them myself!

Brett G - 26th September 2020

Babba Yaga and her house on chicken legs. Best story for the 31st October!

fiona w - 25th September 2020

We decorate the house and go trick or treating

Peter W - 25th September 2020

I don't celebrate Halloween.

Susie W - 24th September 2020

This year will be a quiet Halloween, we'll decorate the house and maybe tell each other spooky stories!

Flo B - 24th September 2020

I will definetly read all of my age catergorys books

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