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Maria and all the Grannies of the World

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Maria and all the Grannies of the World Synopsis

This illustrated children story has been created during the first three/four months of the global outbreak of the Coronavirus Covid-19 in 2020. This is a very strange and difficult time; it is a period full of anxiety, of isolation, of distance between families and between friends; it is a moment in time of pain, of fear and worries in terms of emotions, health, finances as well as what the future might bring. But it also a moment where it is very important to try to keep hope and love at the centre of our thoughts and our days. This book is for everyone, everywhere in the world; it is a story of of kindness, hope and love.

About This Edition

ISBN: 0000000002
Publication date: 8th April 2020
Author: Luca M Damiani
Publisher: Luca M Damiani
Format: Ebook
Suitable For:
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