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The Button Book

"From a singing button to a tickle button, from a rude sound button to a mysterious white button, there's only one way to find out what they do..."

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

There’s huge fun to be had in this gloriously interactive book which is a spur to imaginative play as well as a great introduction to familiar colours and shapes. A singing button, a tickle button and many more. All young readers will be delighted by the invitation to press each one. Once they have done so many possibilities open up as they head off into whatever invention they choose to imagine. Sally Nicholls uses her word carefully and with pleasing simplicity and Beth Woollvin’s illustrations add special details of their own.

Julia Eccleshare M.B.E

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Funny and giggly. I loved it!

I really liked this book because it was so funny. There are lots of animals and they all press different buttons to see what they do. My favourite button was the green button because it was a bit rude and that made me laugh! Thank you, I really like this book and think everyone should read it.

Mum - there were a lot of giggles when reading this book! A simple concept, but very effective. My 5 year old enjoyed reading this himself, but younger children will enjoy this being read to them.

Milo Jones

A simple but brilliant idea!

This book is guaranteed to make kids of all ages feel fantastic. The joining in with noises and actions is addictive and the kids understood the game quickly and were so excited to see what the next button would do! Lots of laughter for even the smallest toddlers.

Bridget Fenton

What a lovely book! This will make a great bedtime story for younger children.

The Button Book started off as a simple picture book with cute characters but along the way it became interactive requiring actions from my daughters. Abidah who is five, loved doing all the actions and ‘pressing’ all the buttons in the illustrations.
The last button makes this a great book to read at bedtime because as I’ve read the last page I can leave the girls in bed as the book instructs!

The colourful illustrations are eye-catching and lift this book.

Abidah & Amatullah Khatun