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Glodwyn's Treasure Chest

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Glodwyn's Treasure Chest Synopsis

Glodwyn's Treasure Chest contains twelve charming short stories for children, collected by a gnome.With fairy stories, ';dragons' and alligators, time-travelling children, a Firehouse Dog and a Pony which refuses to be ridden, there is something for everyone in this gem of a book.An award-winning indie film was made of the story The Pony No-one Could Ride from this book, by the author Gary Winstead.It began as a way for authors to introduce people to their work, and was intended to be distributed free. In order to reach catalogues which do not accept free books, it was decided to make a charge on such platforms but donate all monies received to charity. The charity chosen for Glodwyns Treasure Chest, was the World Literacy Foundation(http://www.worldliteracyfoundation.org/) They are an international charity which recognizes the link between literacy and conquering poverty, ill health and practices such as child marriage, and seeks to help with basic literacy skills through clever use of modern technology and cloud computing. Why not buy the book and enjoy these charming stories, then donate to the World Literacy Foundations work and help children around the world to read themselves towards a better life!

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781681602806
Publication date: 4th July 2017
Author: Various Authors
Publisher: Crimson Cloak Publishing Crimson Cloak Publishing
Format: Ebook