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Battle of the Beetles

Battle of the Beetles

9+ readers 11+ readers

Author: M.G. Leonard Format: Paperback Release Date: 01/02/2018

Darkus and his friends continue their unforgettable adventure in this final instalment of the Beetle trilogy. Arch-villainess Lucretia Cutter has a secret Biome hidden in the Amazon rainforest: can Darkus and his friends, human and beetle alike, find it before it's too late? If they can't stop Lucretia, she will release her hoard of giant Frankenstein beetles, and the planet will never be the same again ...

The Crumble Lady

The Crumble Lady

7+ readers 9+ readers

Author: Lorraine Bowen Format: Paperback Release Date: 25/01/2018

Lorraine's first venture into children's fiction is a selection box of delicious and zany adventures about her fiction alter-ego, the Crumble Lady.  Added to this the book also features five scrumalicious crumble recipes - perfect for baking.

Dave Pigeon (Racer!)

Dave Pigeon (Racer!)

5+ readers 7+ readers

Author: Swapna Haddow Format: Paperback Release Date: 18/01/2018

Dave Pigeon and his best friend Skipper were living happily in the Human Lady's house, but now they're travelling in a box to Pawsville Vets ... maybe Dave will finally get his broken wing fixed. The pet shop is full of new friends... Jet the dog, Cricket Ball Face the hamster... and with friendship comes a bit of healthy competition, and what could be better that a race for a racing pigeon? But the only animal who thinks Dave is capable of going up against the infamous Mickey Lightning is Dave himself.

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