Best New Illustrators Award 2011 Best New Illustrators Award 2011

The 2011 top ten rising stars of picture book illustration were announced recently and so we thought we’d give you a glimpse of the talent and the variety in illustration technique.

Dogs Don't Do Ballet
Anna Kemp
A fabulous feel-good book about a pug dog with a big personality and even bigger dreams. Biff has no interest in doing dog-like things, he just dreams of being a ballerina. With some delightfully jaunty text coupled with some classic... Featured in: 3+ readers
Format: Hardback | Released 01/04/2010
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A Bit Lost
Chris Haughton
A Lovereading4kids 'Great read you may have missed 2011' selection. A Lovereading4Kids 'Debut of the Year 2011' selection. Winner of the top children's book award in Ireland in 2011 - the Bisto Award. Babies and Toddlers +. When Little Owl... Featured in: Baby and Toddler
Format: Paperback | Released 02/05/2011
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A Walk in New York
Salvatore Rubbino
Get right to the heart of this vibrant city in this beautifully created introduction to the most famous city in the US. From his arrival at Grand Central Station on a day's outing to the city with his father, the... Featured in: 5+ readers
Format: Hardback | Released 02/02/2009
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There are No Cats in This Book
Viviane Schwarz
An entertaining tease of a story that is full of surprises. There are cats in the books – but they are longing to get out of it. Readers will enjoy the cats' attempts at disappearing – and their joyful reappearance... Featured in: 3+ readers
Format: Hardback | Released 06/09/2010
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A Walk in London
Salvatore Rubbino
All the best sights of London are affectionately brought to life as a little girl and her mother explore the parks, palaces, museums and cathedrals. Packed full of history as well as architecture and art, it is a serious guide... Featured in: 5+ readers
Format: Hardback | Released 07/04/2011
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Claudia Boldt
Striking illustrations cleverly carry the message about what is beautiful in this story that is also about a special friendship. When Spider finds that the reason Slug is crying is because he says everyone thinks he is so ugly, he... Featured in: 5+ readers | 7+ readers
Format: Paperback | Released 21/02/2011
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Tiny Little Fly
Michael Rosen
Children's Laureate Michael Rosen writes with great humour and economy in this delicious tease of a book. Just how much chaos can one tiny fly cause? Plenty! The great big elephant, the great big hippo and the great big tiger... Featured in: 3+ readers
Format: Hardback | Released 04/10/2010
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Stargazers, Skyscrapers and Extraordinary Sausages
Claudia Boldt
Henrietta and her dog frank couldn't be more different! Henrietta can think of a million and one things she'd like to do when she grows up from making ice cream to being a mechanic. Frank only wants one thing: sausages.... Featured in: 5+ readers | 7+ readers
Format: Paperback | Released 01/04/2010
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Hattie the Bad
Jane Devlin, Joe Berger
Zinging with good humour, how Hattie enjoys being bad, then sees the advantages to being good before reverting to a bit more bad with has direct child appeal and will have readers laughing at and with this likeable heroine –especially... Featured in: 3+ readers | 5+ readers
Format: Paperback | Released 02/04/2009
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Counting Birds
Alice Melvin
Counting with these beautiful birds will be a delight. There's one noisy cockerel to start then strutting peacocks, gliding swans and honking geese as the numbers mount up. The bold silk screens make this visually striking as well as making... Featured in: Baby and Toddler
Format: Hardback | Released 01/10/2009
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Bridget Fidget
Joe Berger
Bridget Fidget never stops, she's a girl in a whirl all the time, especially when something arrives one morning in a big box. Just think how exhausting it is for both mum and dad to have a child that never... Featured in: 3+ readers | 5+ readers
Format: Paperback | Released 04/09/2008
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Mr Peek And The Misunderstanding At The Zoo
Kevin Waldron
Delightful and distinctive retro artwork and stylish typography has helped to create a hugely appealing picture book featuring Mr Peek, the zoo keeper, his son Jimmy and the case of the wrong jacket. Likely to be the first of many... Featured in: 3+ readers
Format: Paperback | Released 01/04/2008
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Box of Tricks
Katie Cleminson
A wonderful story that celebrates make believe and imagination. Katie is given a cardboard box for her birthday. Jumping in she soon magics up all her favourite things including a wonderful birthday party and a great celebration. Can Katie put... Featured in: 3+ readers
Format: Paperback | Released 04/02/2010
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On the Road with Mavis and Marge
Niamh Sharkey
This story zips along, keeping the pages turning as the protagonists whirl through a colourful sequence of zany scenarios - all great fun! Niamh Sharkey's style is all her own, her characters jumping off the page with inimitable vivacity. This... Featured in: 3+ readers
Format: Paperback | Released 07/03/2011
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Rhinos Don't Eat Pancakes
Anna Kemp
Daisy's used to her parents not listening to her – they are always too busy. But, when a big purple rhinoceros comes right into the house and eats her pancakes she feels something must be done! A vibrant and heart... Featured in: 3+ readers
Format: Paperback | Released 28/04/2011
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The Django
Levi Pinfold
A Lovereading4kids 'Great Read' you may have missed 2011 selection. This book, based on the story of legendary jazz musician Django Reinhardt, is illustrated in a detailed and painterly style, evoking the Romany gypsy traveller lifestyle that the young Django... Featured in: 5+ readers | 3+ readers
Format: Paperback | Released 01/03/2011
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There are Cats in This Book
Viviane Schwarz
Shortlisted for the CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal 2010. It's time to play with the cats in this – Tiny, Moonpie and André. All you have to do is turn the pages. PS There are fish in this book too. ... Featured in: 3+ readers
Format: Hardback | Released 03/11/2008
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Chosen by a stellar panel of judges, which included Children’s Laureate Anthony Browne and bestselling Charlie and Lola author/illustrator Lauren Child, the winners have been crowned the Booktrust Best New Illustrators 2011.

best illustrators 2011

The Booktrust Best New Illustrators 2011 are:

Joe Berger, Claudia Boldt, Katie Cleminson, Chris Haughton, Alice Melvin, Sara Ogilvie, Levi Pinfold, Salvatore Rubbino, Viviane Schwarz, Kevin Waldron

best illustrators 2011

Some of the illustrators may well already be familiar to you as our editorial experts here at Lovereading4kids had themselves picked up on some of them over the last year or two – it’s good to feel that our experts really are ‘experts’ too!

best illustrators 2011

The final ten represent the best new talent in the field of book illustration today, each of whom demonstrates remarkable creative flair, originality, artistic skill and boundless imagination in their work.

best illustrators 2011


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