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Give the Gift of Reading - Usborne Very First Reading is a brand new series of fifteen books for children who are just starting to learn to read. Discover them today

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Give your child a head start at school this September – Help them to get the reading bug this summer with the Usborne Very First Reading range

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Reading is both the key to success at school and the source of a lifetime’s pleasure. Usborne Very First Reading is an inspiring series of 15 books, designed to help children to develop the skills and motivation they need to read with confidence, enthusiasm and enjoyment. Usborne, one of the most experienced children’s publishers, has specifically looked at the type of books that best suit children who are just starting to read and the Very First Reading series is the result.

The books offer parents and children the appeal of imaginative and lively rhyming stories combined with irresistible illustrations that boost the shared enjoyment of reading with an adult.

In the first seven books, the adult and child take turns to read, with the child’s share of the story beginning with just a simple word or phrase and becoming more substantial in each book. By book 8, the child will be reading the story with the adult on hand to listen and help when needed. Each book in the series builds on material in the previous books and always remember that shared reading provides great support and motivation for beginner readers.

Usborne Very First Reading is based on the principles of synthetic phonics, and has been carefully developed to tie in with Letters and Sounds, the UK Government programme used in thousands of primary schools in the early stages of reading.

There’s also a boxed set available incorporating all 15 titles together with an incredibly useful Parents’ Guide to reading.

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