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Reading aloud is an essential step on a child's journey to independent reading and can help foster a life-long love of books. This special section includes a selection of books which we think are perfect for reading aloud to children, with lively storylines or interesting facts, and with inspiring illustrations to help your child learn to love reading.

The Wildest Cowboy
Garth Jennings
May 2018 Book of the Month | Wonderful rhyme carries you through this rollicking ride through the wild west and a town they called Fear, whose scary inhabitants wear rattlesnake socks, chew rocks and and soon leave newcomer, the colourful... Featured in: 3+ readers | 5+ readers
Format: Paperback | Released 19/04/2018
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Myth Match
Good Wives and Warriors
March 2018 Book of the Month | Myth Match is more than a wonderful guide to mythical creatures, because there are different ways to read this handsomely illustrated book. You can carefully flip up the divided pages to study the... Featured in: 7+ readers | 5+ readers | 9+ readers
Format: Hardback | Released 26/03/2018
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Forever or a Day
Sarah Jacoby
April 2018 Debut of the Month Sarah Jacoby's beautiful book is proof that picture books can cover the most profound subjects in ways that speak to readers of... Featured in: 3+ readers | 5+ readers
Format: Hardback | Released 27/03/2018
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Winnie and Wilbur: Gigantic Antics and other stories
Laura Owen
In a nutshell: bumper fun with some of the best-loved characters in children's books There are no less than twelve different Winnie and Wilbur stories to enjoy in this collection, each one just the right length for bedtime or storytime... Featured in: 5+ readers
Format: Paperback | Released 01/03/2018
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Fabio The World's Greatest Flamingo Detective: The Case of the Missing Hippo
Laura James
In a nutshell: eye-catching, attention-grabbing comic adventure for young readers With a cast of characters as colourful as the day-glo pinks and greens of its illustrations, and a plot that's just as bright, Fabio the World's Greatest Flamingo Detective is... Featured in: 5+ readers | 7+ readers
Format: Paperback | Released 08/03/2018
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Steve Smallman
Steve Smallman is a master of the poo-filled plotline, no mean boast when you consider just how much children love the smelly brown stuff (in books anyway). We're happily knee-deep in poo in this adventure – cows, horses, chickens, they're... Featured in: 3+ readers | 5+ readers
Format: Hardback | Released 08/03/2018
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Horace and Harriet: Every Dog Has Its Day
Clare Elsom
In a nutshell: fast-moving, funny, highly-illustrated story with a very unusual central character Harriet is best friends with Horace – though at first they wouldn't seem to have much in common. He's a statue, and was a naval commander in... Featured in: 7+ readers | 5+ readers
Format: Paperback | Released 01/03/2018
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The Popstar's Wedding
Barbara Mitchelhill
In a nutshell: comic triumphs and mishaps of school boy super-sleuth Damian Drooth is a crime-buster extraordinaire, an ace detective; at least he is in his own imagination. Despite what his mother says, he's determined to find crimes to solve... Featured in: 5+ readers | 7+ readers
Format: Paperback | Released 04/01/2018
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Bug Bear
Patricia Hegarty
‘Down in the forest as Bear had a doze/ A small stripy bug came and sat on his nose', and so Bear's troubles begin. He really doesn't want to become home to this troublesome, if extremely cheerful and friendly bug.... Featured in: 3+ readers
Format: Paperback | Released 14/06/2018
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Martha Mayhem Goes Nuts!
Joanne Owen
In a nutshell: funny, magical story teeming with energy and invention The adventures of Martha Mayhem – a fabulous mix of humour, magic and uproar – will charm newly confident readers and are perfect for reading aloud. The cast of... Featured in: 5+ readers | 7+ readers
Format: Paperback | Released 11/01/2018
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Winnie and Wilbur: Seaside Adventures
Valerie Thomas
Who better to enjoy the delights of the seaside and the high seas than Winnie the Witch and her longsuffering cat Wilbur? There are three different stories in this bumper edition and the two enjoy some typically exuberant and surprising... Featured in: 5+ readers | 7+ readers
Format: Paperback | Released 03/05/2018
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Older Not Wiser
Sophy Henn
By the always-current Sophy Henn this new series for children just starting to read on their own is to be celebrated. Jeanie, aged 7 ¾, has a special relationship with her grandma, known to the family as Bad Nana. She... Featured in: 5+ readers | 7+ readers
Format: Hardback | Released 31/05/2018
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Reader ReviewedIsadora Moon Goes to the Fair
Harriet Muncaster
In a nutshell: half vampire, half fairy, all fun Harriet Muncaster's stories of little Isadora Moon have deservedly won a huge and enthusiastic following amongst young readers. Isadora's lively adventures are full of the kinds of magic and make-believe that... Featured in: 7+ readers | 5+ readers
Format: Paperback | Released 01/03/2018
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Reader ReviewedHari and His Electric Feet
Alexander Mccall Smith
February 2018 Book of the Month | In a nutshell: joyful story of a boy and his dancing feet Hari lives in a biggish city in India with his sister and aunt. He's always cheerful and enjoys helping support them... Featured in: 9+ readers | 11+ readers | 7+ readers
Format: Paperback | Released 01/02/2018
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A Different Dog
Paul Jennings
In a nutshell: exciting, unusual rescue story set in Australia's dense forest A Different Dog is the story of the special relationship that develops between a boy and a dog and how it saves them both. It's beautifully told in... Featured in: 11+ readers
Format: Paperback | Released 01/02/2018
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