A Moon Girl Stole My Friend

A Moon Girl Stole My Friend

5+ Readers 7+ Readers Girl Power
Author: Rebecca Patterson
ISBN: 9781783447985
Publication date: 7th March 2019
Publisher: Andersen Press Ltd
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 176 pages

Our View on A Moon Girl Stole My Friend

The setting for Rebecca Patterson’s lively story of friends falling out is Earth eighty years in the future, and quite a lot has changed. People are getting around in flying cars, real food has pretty well been replaced by acquagrown substitutes, and the Moon has been colonised. The school playground is patrolled by cyborgs, but the children in it are the same as they’ve ever been. Lyla has been best friends with Bianca since nursery, but when a cool new girl joins the class, she finds herself pushed out.  How can she win back her friend, and why does no-one see just how mean Petra is? The story is short and full of humour, but still carries a lot of weight and for all the fun and adventures will set readers thinking about how we treat other people, and how we’d like to be treated in return. This is a really good story for newly confident readers.

Andrea Reece

About A Moon Girl Stole My Friend

A Moon Girl Stole My Friend is perfect for young readers looking for a humorous friendship story with a sci-fi twist, and is packed with quirky illustrations.

It's 2099. Lyla lives in a world of robocats, flying sweets and instant snow, but some things never change. Little brothers are still annoying, school teachers make you cringe, and, when your best friend deserts you for the new girl, it still HURTS. Especially when that new girl is from the Moon. But Lyla's problems lead her into unexpected adventures . . .

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Lucas Blake - Age 8

Imagine the year 2099. There are robo-cats, flying sweets and walking stickers. Bianca and Lyla are best friends. Until one day that is. Petra, a girl from the Moon Colony joins their school and Bianca invites Petra and not Lyla to her birthday party. The moon girl has stolen Lyla’s best friend! Will they ever be friends again? This book is great. Maybe aimed at girls as it’s all about girls, girls, girls. It will be funny to read this in the future to see how it matches up. I hope the dome with low gravity for PE lessons becomes a reality as that sounds super fun!

Rebecca Patterson - Age Year 7

A Moon Girl Stole My Friend is a quick and enjoyable book to read about two girls (Lyla and Bianca) who have been friends from a young age. They talk about the latest toys, inventions and especially Bianca’s birthday party. They have always been very close friends until Petra comes along, a girl from the moon colony, she becomes friends with Bianca leaving Lyla with no one. Lyla does not get an invite to Bianca’s party and that is when Lyla knows she has no friends, on top of that Petra forms a group of singers including Bianca and they are not being particularly nice to Lyla. Although she is talked about behind her back, Lyla comes around and helps save their lives. In this situation Petra does not care about anyone but herself and the girls realize how selfish she is. This is a great book which I would definitely recommend. It made me think about what would happen in the future and how people would look back on times like today.

Jasmine Y7 Thorp Academy

Amatullah Khatun - Age 8

It's 2099 and air transport is the norm. 10 year old Lyla is looking forward to her best friend Bianca's birthday party but then she's not invited. It seems the arrival of the new Moon girl, Petra has caused a rift between the girls unbeknown to Lyla.

Despite the futuristic setting of this story children will be able to relate to it easily. This story deals with friendship problems in a sensitive and funny way. Plus the friendship between different generations was heartwarming.

Amatullah loved this and enjoyed reading the bits about the new technology and desserts! Beautifully illustrated by the author A Moon Girl Stole My Friend is a brilliant read.

Prisha Yadav - Age 9

This is a brilliant book because it has lovely and creative imagination. I liked how the author wrote about the next generation what could happen; When robocats , cyborg , modern technology meet together. It is the first ever book that I’ve read which has included so much fiction based on future technology. My favourite character was Lyla as she coped up even if there were hard times when her BFF left her for a moon girl. I would like to thank author for writing this wonderful book and would recommend this book to all age groups.


I really enjoyed this futuristic story and read it very quickly! I loved reading about what the future might be like in 2099 and hope we really do have blackcurrant jelly gum bats! It was fast paced and you really felt like you were in Lyla's mind; feeling her happiness and sadness as the story progressed. It teaches a valuable lesson that although life can sometimes change, including friendships, it's not always permanent and you can always find a silver lining to a bad situation - with time, things usually turn out ok.

Amy Britain - Age 9

This book is a great read, particularly for girls in KS2. Lots of drama and friendship issues! There were lots of exciting parts and I enjoyed using my imagination about life in the future! My favourite character was Lyla and I could really imagine being friends with her!

Sophia Hunt - Age 10

This is a breath-taking read; it's an amazing adventure of friendship and time travel into the future. It made me laugh to compare our modern day life to their futuristic life. I couldn't put this book down until I found out what happened at the end with Lyla and Bianca! I could really imagine how the girls felt! I would rate this book 5 stars and think that all 10 year old girls would love it!

Angelito Francisco - Age 7

This book was set in the future and was about a girl who lost her best friend to a new girl at school. The story is a great story of friendship and feelings.

I really enjoyed reading the book because it had a good ending which showed you the meaning of true friendship.

It is a great story of friendship and how even if you lose your friend it can turn out ok. I feel the book would be good for anyone who has had problems with friends.

The book I would say would be enjoyed by both boys and girls about my age (7) or older. It made want to keep reading it to see what happened next.

I loved the authors ideas of the future things and how the book looked back in the past which is our present day. I liked that it included things about space too.

Jen Wood - Age 10

This is a great book! The story line is amazing and I love the characters! The fact that it is set in the future is very interesting, and I have not read many books like it. It is a beautiful tale of friendship and betrayal, with my favorite ending- a happy one! The bully really got what she deserves!

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