Dog Diaries: Happy Howlidays!

Dog Diaries: Happy Howlidays!

5+ Readers 7+ Readers Christmas
Author: Steven Butler & James Patterson
ISBN: 9781529119589
Publication date: 15th November 2018
Publisher: Arrow (Young) an imprint of Cornerstone
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 240 pages

Our View on Dog Diaries: Happy Howlidays!

Irrepressible young dog Junior is back with a dog’s-eye view of Christmas, or as he knows it Crisp-Mouth.This will be his first Crisp-Mouth, but he’s heard all about it from one of the old dogs at the dog’s home, and now settled with the Khatchadorians is very excited at the prospect of filling his mouth with canine crispy crackers! His enthusiasm knows no bounds, and it proves a real struggle to be good, especially as Junior consistently gets things WRONG… Junior’s breathless narrative style and Richard Wilson’s illustrations make this super-readable, and newly confident readers will love this funny story and its bouncy, endlessly optimistic narrator. 

Andrea Reece

About Dog Diaries: Happy Howlidays!

In this follow-up to the hilarious illustrated novel Dog Diaries, Junior has been in the dog house after giving in to his doggy urges when Mom-Lady turned her back and left him alone with the freshly cooked Thanksgiving turkey. Because of this, Junior is determined to make Christmas the best one ever for his pet humans and redeem his GOOD BOY status. Junior has never actually experienced a human Christmas before and his perfect plans get sidelined with the shocking appearance of something called snow, a tree that seems to have sprouted in the middle of the Picture Box Room, and packs of strange humans called Carol who come to the front yard and howl. It all very confusing...

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