Fantastically Great Women Who Saved the Planet

Fantastically Great Women Who Saved the Planet

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Author: Kate Pankhurst
ISBN: 9781408899281
Publication date: 6th February 2020
Publisher: Bloomsbury Childrens Books an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Format: Hardback
Pagination: 32 pages

About Fantastically Great Women Who Saved the Planet

This time, it's women who have been making decisions that have helped protect our natural world from way before it was on a political agenda.

Discover their untold stories. Tackle the plastic problem with Isatou Ceesay by recycling waste into beautiful objects. Marvel at the intelligence of chimpanzees with Jane Goodall. Learn why it's important to shop fair trade and cruelty-free with Anita Roddick and The Body Shop. Resist devastating deforestation and plant seeds of change with Wangari Maathai.

We're in an age when young people like Greta Thunberg are calling for those in power to 'wake up' and take action. But everyone has a part to play. Written with hope and encouragement, this book shows that all actions, big and small, can be powerful in the fight against climate breakdown.

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Ms Chadwick

A delightful book for middle years, highlighting women from around the globe who have worked to save the planet. With a double-page colourful spread for each woman. The text is broken up into small chunks which are incorporated into the illustrations in interesting ways making it very accessible. I liked the mix of women chosen, some of whom were unfamiliar to me, and also the call to action on the last page. A great book that could be used as a starting point to discuss green issues but also gender and race equality and the progress, or lack of progress that has been made.

Evie Aconley - Age 13

I enjoyed reading this book because it talked about all the great things that women can do for the world, it really inspired me to use science and help to look after the world around me. I liked hearing about the things I could also do like using sustainable things in my everyday life. I would recommend this book for 7 to 11-year-olds and I would also recommend it to my friends because I think they will like it too.

Ella O’Gorman - Age 15

I absolutely loved reading about these incredible women from all over the world who contributed so much to environmental protection. I had not heard of all of them but it was really interesting reading about their amazing work, many of whom were pioneers in their day. They all achieved so much in widely diverse areas but the one thing they all had in common was their desire to make our planet a better place and to make a difference. This is a book which has so much meaning for our time. It provides a timely reminder of the importance of action, standing up for what is right and how much one person can achieve. The imagery and colours used throughout are outstanding and make an already exceptional book extra special. It’s certainly inspirational and is sure to be a bestseller.

Darya - Age 10

Fantastically Great Women who Saved the Planet is an intriguing book. It really inspired me to be like the women featured. I loved how they helped our earth. I hope it tells everyone else in a spiritual way to do the same as they did. You just need to believe in yourself.

This book might actually be the best book I have ever read!

With its beautiful illustrations and great facts, the won't give up moments - everything about this book excited me. To be honest my favourite person in the book was Daphne Sheldrick! My heart warmed up at the thought of loving for magnificent creatures- especially the elephants which are my favourite animal.
I thank Kate Pankhurst so much for writing this incredible story.


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