Hampstead the Hamster

Hampstead the Hamster

5+ Readers 7+ Readers Christmas
Author: Michael Rosen
ISBN: 9781783447329
Publication date: 4th October 2018
Publisher: Andersen Press Ltd
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 80 pages

Our View on Hampstead the Hamster

Everyone who has ever had a pet will love this funny and charming story about a little boy and the hamster he gets for Christmas. Leo needs cheering up and, with Christmas coming, he takes the opportunity to ask for the one thing that he thinks will make him happy: a pet hamster. Luckily, Dad has Father Christmas’s number on his phone so Leo can order it direct – and get some help from spell-check! But when the hamster comes Leo can see that his new pet is not altogether happy. Hampstead the Hamster needs a present too!

Julia Eccleshare M.B.E

About Hampstead the Hamster

Christmas is coming, and what Leo wants more than anything in the world is a pet hamster. And guess what? He gets one on Christmas morning! Leo names his new pet Hampstead, after an autocorrect mistake on his wishlist. Everything is great, that is until Leo realises that Hampstead is miserable. What can Leo do to cheer Hampstead up?

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Edith - Age 5

Well it’s the end of September and we are well and truly into the Christmas spirit. Edie (5) and myself have just finished Hampstead the Hamster by Michael Rosen. Edie was very impressed because ‘it’s a big girl’s book.’ I think that means that it wasn’t in colour. I thought this was a brilliant read for kids. I really liked the fact that Leo’s dad is a single parent and think it’s about time that this was represented more in literature. Edie also loved the pop culture references to the Famous Five, Fantastic Mr Fox and The Wizard of Oz. She is big fan of both books and we had to watch the film after reading. The story is great with lots of pictures. The cliffhangers at the end of chapters (why is Hampstead upset) really kept Edie’s interest and kept her wanting more.

William - Age 6

Great illustrations! Hampstead was William's favourite of the characters and on the whole, we enjoyed the story. It was a little on the long side for a bedtime book but honestly, we didn't mind as it is such a lovely story. We are glad Hampstead got his Christmas wish in the end. It has a lovely message of making sure you are watching out for others and seeing what you can do to help if someone need it.

Jack Radford - Age 6

I LOVED this book. The hamster is so clever! I really like how the boy makes everybody happy.

Elissa Watkin - Age 6

This is my review for Hampstead the Hamster and its the first Michael Rosen book I have read.

I really enjoyed the story and thought it was funny but sometimes a bit sad. It also taught me how to treat animals nicely. My favourite character was Hampstead the Hamster and it was funny how he made Leo understand what he wanted to be happy.

The book is a great read for Christmas and I think people will like it as a Christmas present. I am 6 and think girls and boys of any age would love this book. I hope there are more in the series.

Sarah Simmons - Age 5

I love Hampstead. He's a really fun hampster. I wish I had a hampster like him. I would take him everywhere!

Sarah Simmons - Age 6

How cool! Loved this story!

I had a brilliant time reading this story. It made me giggle. I borrowed it from my brother's bookshelf (don't tell Teddy!).

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