What is your favourite thing about books?
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What is your favourite thing about books?

To mark World Book Day we would love to know what your favourite thing is about books!

Select your top reason from the choices below and you'll be entered into a prize draw to win a goodie bag of books!

And if your reason isn't there, just add it in the comment box below.

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Poll Results

Browsing in a book shop (8%)

Discovering a new author (9%)

Reading the next book in your favourite series (26%)

Reading a brilliant book and escaping to an alternative reality (38%)

Finishing your book and the sense of accomplishment (4%)

Collecting books by your favourite author (8%)

Learning facts from a non-fiction book (3%)

Giving or receiving books as a present (4%)

Comments (20)

Booklover - 21st November 2020

This comment is currently awaiting moderation.

Booklover - 17th October 2020

I love books!

GarfieldCat - 1st August 2020

I have not read Aru shah kitten written but I’ll check it out

bookgirl - 24th June 2020

poodl10 you are right

makmo19 - 23rd May 2020

than is so rued you no I am in year 3

makmo19 - 23rd May 2020

this is fun you no

Fee - 6th May 2020

wOw that was tricky, but i think that i love books because it hooks me in! even if my mum is hoovering, i cant hear her!! my mind is just INSIDE the book! it's awsome to read an interesting book! im new to this website, so hih everybody!!

JohnL - 24th April 2020

poodl10 you are right

JohnL - 24th April 2020

pood10 you are right

226brilliantgiraffe - 22nd April 2020

My favourite book is Parent Agency

yeet - 26th March 2020

my most favourite book is the the velvet fox by Catherine fisher \_ :) _/

keirahayden.o@gmail.com - 24th March 2020


Evabeaver01 - 23rd March 2020

it helps your education

KittenWritten - 23rd March 2020

Anyone read Aru Shah by Roshani Chokshi? Personally, it's THE BEST SERIES EVER!

Kyle - 21st March 2020

On no no no North child

yt_themasternoob - 19th March 2020

Skullduggery Pleasant Series is fast and funny and manages to get better and better through the series. How does the author manager that?

Anne Of Green Gables - 16th March 2020

I am so happy to give 6 World Book Day books to my class!

Frog - 6th March 2020

Love all choices

frankied - 5th March 2020

soooo many reasons but gotta be enjoying different worlds to mine

poodl10 - 3rd March 2020

Harry potter is the best series on the world

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