What's Your Favourite Way to Get Creative?
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What's Your Favourite Way to Get Creative?

Cressida Cowell is the new Waterstone's Children's Laureate. Point 8 on her charter is "Be creative for at least 15 mins a week".

So, how do you get creative, we've come up with a few options below but if your favourite activity isn't there, click other and comment to tell us your favourite hobbies.

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Poll Results

Colouring In (7%)

Puzzles (1%)

Writing Stories (22%)

Drawing Pictures (19%)

Painting/finger painting (8%)

Building (9%)

Dancing (15%)

Other (18%)

Comments (13)

Afm - 27th July 2021

I like drawing and then colouring it in so I pressed on others Annie age 9

s.nalty@yahoo.co.uk - 18th June 2021

i'm all about makin spy toys ) JJ12

Ziggy - 4th March 2021

I love drawing but not sure about writing.

Samcrazyforbooks-HarryPotterforlife786 - 24th February 2021

My fav way to get creative is doing all things Harry Potter!

Booklover - 27th October 2020

I love writing and drawing. I'm VERY creative

GarfieldCat - 1st August 2020

I like singing and dancing

bookgirl - 24th June 2020

i like to do lots of thingswinksoccerbasketballmotorcycle:

freddiey - 12th May 2020

i like writing stories because i can let myself into a world of creativity; i do like baking as well though. tough decision for me.

squeakybaby - 6th May 2020

i like baking smiley faces to get creative

226brilliantgiraffe - 22nd April 2020

I like singing and dancing to get creative!

KittenWritten - 23rd March 2020

I feel sympathetic towards puzzles but I guess the modern generation is more interested in tech and things. My favourite is reading!

Sallybell - 19th March 2020

I like making hammerbeads best

Frog - 6th March 2020

Knarly creativity

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