Which Weird and Wonderful Creature is Your Favourite?

Which Weird and Wonderful Creature is Your Favourite?

Celebrating all creatures quirky and cool, Who Are You Calling Weird? is a fab information book full of animals from across the globe, with something to marvel at on every page. A perfect book for any animal lover, budding vet, intrepid explorer and fans of all things weird. But which one is your favourite?

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Poll Results

Pangolin (38%)

Hairy Frog (3%)

Wolverine (9%)

Three-toed Sloth (19%)

Pacific Barreleye Fish (3%)

Star-nosed Mole (9%)

Aye-Aye (16%)

Proboscis (3%)

Comments (5)

KittenWritten - 23rd March 2020

Pangolins are pretty cool but Star-nosed Moles look extra-terrestrial! Go Moles!!!

Frog - 6th March 2020

Aye aye forever

Anna - 2nd November 2019

I agree that pangolins are amazing. It is so unfair that then are hunted for there scales

araand12 - 17th October 2019

So are three -toed sloths

Lexie.Stevenson - 13th April 2019

Pangolins are amazing

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