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Follow the Green Nation Revolution!

Take your place in the Green Nation Revolution, a nation without geographical borders that unites the youth of today in their fight for the planet. Following on from the success of We Are All Greta, Green Nation Revolution explores what happens next in the fight against climate change.

From the economy and new professions, to advanced technology and sustainable start-ups, learn how the world needs to change in order to secure its future, and find out what role you can play in that change. 

With in-depth text and data, this crucial book will answer readers’ questions on what comes next in our fight for the future. 

We hear from the authors Valentina Giannella and Lucia Esther Maruzzelli.

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bob - 4th March 2021

Yes thank you and lets all do our little bit to help fight climate change as every little bit help/counts everyone can do will have an impact on our planet to help save it keep it going and to love it as long as we can. Never give up keep working and we can all achieve amazing things if we just stick to the goal aim for it and go on to achieve it!!!

Booklover - 21st November 2020

I love the world! Nature is picturesque and fascinating. You can love it as well!

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