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No Fixed Address Reader Reviews

No Fixed Address

Erica Motoc

I felt every emotion and clung onto every word in this book. I brought this book with me everywhere I went so that I could read it any spare time I had and return into Felix's world.

Join Felix on an adventure of surprising events as he experiences his grandmother's death as well as competing in a game show for a much-needed money prize. Will he win or will he have to spend a lifetime living in a Westfalia van? Well, reader, I suppose you will just have to find out!

I have a great admiration for the book No Fixed Address because I feel like this is one of those books you will never forget.

The characters and event seem so real and are just eye-opening that some people in the real world are actually experiencing this type of living although this book is a novel. The way this book is written makes me feel like I am some sort of spectator looking into the events of Felix and Astrid's life.

I felt every emotion and clung onto every word in this book. I brought this book with me everywhere I went so that I could read it any spare time I had and return into Felix's world.

It brings me great sadness to declare that I have finished the book and will miss Felix, Astrid, Dylan and Winnie.

Lily O'Dwyer

I really enjoyed this book even though it was really sad it gives you a lot to think about I would recommend this book to everyone.

I haven’t read any books by this author before, but I will be looking for some in the library. The story was really easy to read and made you want to keep reading even when you should be asleep. It is about a young boy called Felix and his mum. But he calls her Astrid because that’s what she prefers him to call her. One day his mum loses her job and they have to move out of their flat. They end up living in a camper van temporarily. Felix and his mum have very little money and Felix finds that Astrid is doing things that he doesn’t agree with, just to survive. This is a very sad story, but it did make me realise how lucky I am to have a nice house to live in, clean clothes to wear and plenty of food in my tummy. I don’t want to spoil the story for you, but it will make you feel happy, sad, a little bit scared and sometimes make you laugh. By the end though you will feel like one of Felix's best friends. I highly recommend this book.

Jenny Bridgeman

This is a book about how easy it is to be homeless and the effect on a young boy who is trying to protect his mum and stop them being torn apart when they end up living in a van and his plan to get them out of there.

In this book, it's the story of an almost 13-year-old boy, his mum and their pet gerbil. They live in America and Felix, the boy, is trying to keep his family together when his mum, Astrid, loses her job. They live out a van which seems like an adventure at first but then he goes back to school and it gets harder to stop his friends coming over to his house. He plans to go on his favourite game show and win lots of money as he is really good at trivia living in a van means no privacy, no space and the damp starts to cause problems for Felix and Astrid. It is a book with a lot of heart and really gets you thinking about what it is like to be homeless when it is no one's fault.

Evie Macaulay

Humourous, hope, sadness and happiness all put into one book. Thrilling and gripping I didn't want to put it down. Such a sad and serious subject Susin has made funny and relatable.

No Fixed Address is a funny, wonderful, gripping book. It is a serious subject that has been made really relatable and fun. It grabs you and pulls you into Felix's world. Reading this you go through all the emotions he goes through. The book of the year, Susin is such a creative and a beautiful author. Tough situations, endless humour and faith and hope.

Lewis Briggs

A brilliant book, a must buy for all kids who like adventures.

In the book a kid, named Felix, lives in a van and gets accepted into a new school. He goes onto a quiz show and wins $35,000, thinking it can save him. Little did he know that he has to be 18 years old to access the money.

The best part was when he went on the game show 'Who, What, Where, When'. I liked trying to answer the questions myself, although I wasn't very good!

My favourite character is Dylan. In the book he is a very good friend and sticks by Felix all the time.

I would recommend this book to children 11 and over because under 11s may not understand the message.

Noah Scott-Sentance

This is a brilliant book. Even though it's a book about some serious things, it's also very funny and all the characters in it are like real people. I would give this book five stars and recommend it to everyone.

This is a brilliant book. I really liked all the characters (especially Felix and Dylan). Living in a van sounded quite fun at the beginning but then when it gets cold and Felix can't have his friends over, it's really hard. I liked the way Felix's friends always support him (even though Winnie always wants to win everything!) and I loved the bit at the end about the quiz on TV. Even though it's a book about some serious things, it's also very funny and all the characters in it are like real people. I would give this book five stars and recommend it to everyone.

Ella O’Gorman

A wonderfully warm, inspiring story about hope, the value of friendship and the determination to never give up, even when things get really grim.

The story is told from the point of view of its main character, Felix Knutsson. It opens with Felix about to tell his life story to a police constable and as the story unfolds we learns lots about Felix and his unusual life. He is an only child, with separated parents who do not really know how to parent. His mother loves Felix but has strong views and finds it hard to hold down a job. She also suffers from bouts of depression or slumps as they are called in the book. Felix and his mother are not homeless, they just happen to be living in a van and there seems to be no way out of their dire situation. The only bright spot in Felix’s life is his renewed friendship with Dylan, who he meets again when he starts at a new school. Their friendship is a lifeline for Felix. He also makes a new friend called Winnie. He keeps his home situation a secret from them as long as possible, but eventually has to tell them. Then Felix’s favorite game show launches a new junior edition of the show. He decides to enter and is determined to win it. Will Felix win and will he finally get a proper home? This book is a highly enjoyable read, that will have a wide appeal and leaves you with a feel-good feeling at the end.

Book Information

ISBN: 9781783447213
Publication date: 4th October 2018
Author: Susin Nielsen
Publisher: Andersen Press Ltd
Format: Hardback
Pagination: 288 pages
Suitable for: 11+ readers, 13+ readers
Genres: General Fiction
Other Categories: Books of the Month, eBooks, Reviewed by Children