A Discussion Guide for The Supreme Lie
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A Discussion Guide for The Supreme Lie

To help explore the issues raised in The Supreme Lie we have a Discussion Guide to download, perfect for KS3.

To give you a taste, points include:

* Newspaper articles punctuate the story. At first the reporting and commentary is genuine, later the editor is coerced into reporting fake news and eventually we find that Myld has taken over as editor. What changes did you notice in the tone and substance of the reporting?

* Dogs play an important part in the story. In what ways do the dogs refl ect what is going on in the human story? Did you have a favourite dog and if so, why?

* Did you spot any links between some of the characters’ names and their personalities, for example Kovet coveting Madame Suprema’s power? And if so, did the way their stories unfold surprise you?

Read our review of the book & download an extract here - The Supreme Lie by Geraldine McCaughrean.

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