Alex Rider: Secret Weapon

Alex Rider: Secret Weapon

9+ Readers 11+ Readers Adventure Stories
Author: Anthony Horowitz
ISBN: 9781406340174
Publication date: 4th April 2019
Publisher: Walker Books Ltd
Format: Hardback
Pagination: 352 pages

Our View on Alex Rider: Secret Weapon

Blimey, but can Anthony Horowitz pack huge amounts of tension, excitement and humour into his short stories! He shows off a breath-taking ability to conjure adventure out of the most unlikely beginnings, and in his hands even a trip to the dentist turns into a full-on, peril-laden caper. There’s everything in this collection that makes the Alex Rider novels so addictive: dangerous situations, daring escapes, gadgets galore. And of course, there’s Alex himself – super-smart, super-resourceful, super-cool.  Irresistible, unbeatable reading.

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Andrea Reece

About Alex Rider: Secret Weapon

An essential collection of seven explosive Alex Rider stories by number one bestselling author, Anthony Horowitz. This collection of thrilling adventures features familiar and new assailants from the best-loved world of Alex Rider and also includes three never-before-seen stories.

Ever since MI6 recognized his potential, Alex Rider has constantly been thrust into the line of danger. From a routine visit to the dentist that turns into a chase through the streets of London, to a school trip with a deadly twist, no day has ever been ordinary for the teenage super-spy.

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Seren Daly - Age 12

Alex Rider Secret Weapon is a collection of 7 short stories about Alex Rider. Alex Rider is a 14 year old spy who works for MI6. The collection describes some of his adventures that he is reluctantly dragged into, and used in, by the secret service. These books aren’t exactly part of the series which means it doesn’t matter if you haven’t read the rest of them. It gives a brief description of what has happened before, during the short stories, so readers who haven’t read the rest of the books can understand it just as well as if you have. I thought these books were really fun to read they don’t take very long and are a good pastime. The books are flowing and interesting to read, they explain it in just enough detail and in some of them it involves the reader which makes the book more interesting.

Ethan Watkin - Age 11

I am a massive Alex Rider fan and couldn't wait to get started on Secret Weapon.
Alex Rider is an awesome secret spy kid and Secret Weapon contains 7 short stories about Rider and his adventures and some of the stories even link into other Alex Rider books.

Boys, Girls even adults will love this book. Secret Weapon is a great introduction to the Alex Rider stories.

Well done Anthony Horowitz!

Emily Lonsdale - Age 13

I really enjoyed these pocket fizzlers of short stories. They have all the right ingredients: A dash of humour, a flicker of thrill, a smidgen of crazy, and, of course, a potent punch of action. I find it astounding that you can fit so much into one story, a credit to the authors unrivaled skill in the genre. I haven't read very many Alex Rider books, but I followed these easily enough. Although this is a stereotypically boy's book, as a tomboy I still enjoyed this and although I wouldn't recommend it to younger readers, I still loved it. It certainly made school days more interesting!!

Alice East - Age 14

Alex Rider: Secret Weapon is an easy to read book containing seven simulating stories about Alex Rider. Alex was only 14 when recruited by MI6 to be a spy, sent all over the world on secret missions. There is a range of adventures, set all over the place, from Alex at home in London to on a secret mission in Afghanistan. The stories are all short and easy to read however still contain the usual electrifying thrill of the other missions in this series. However they are not part of these series so it does not matter if you have not read the other missions - it will still make sense.

I am a great fan of the other missions and this book did not disappoint, being consistent throughout, jam-packed with action, adventure and much more. I would certainly recommend this to people around the age of 10yrs. And would act as a fabulous entry point to anyone who has not yet had a taste of the awesome adventures in this epic series.

Rose Spear - Age 14

This is an action-packed book about a fourteen-year-old boy called Alex Rider who is a spy for MI6. This book has seven breath-taking adventures and you will be unable to put it down once you've started reading it.

My favourite character was Alex because he was fearless and loved going on adventures. This book is really well written as you could empathise with the characters easily. These stories were easy to get into even though I've never read any of these books before I could understand everything that was happening in the book.

I would recommend this to anybody over the age of nine who loves action books.

Jack Smith - Age 14

As a big fan of the Alex Rider series after reading Never Say Die I thought it was all over. When finding out I had been picked to read this I was over the moon. The book itself is really well written and keeps the reader gripped, almost forcing their hand to turn the page. In my opinion: 2019 Book Of The Year.

Horowitz takes Alex on 7 amazing action-packed adventures that will keep you at the edge of your seat thinking "Is this the end of Alex Rider?". From Afghanistan to the French Coast the action never stops and I'd love to see another book like this!

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