Santa's High-tech Christmas

Santa's High-tech Christmas

3+ Readers 5+ Readers Christmas
Author: Mike Dumbleton
ISBN: 9781912076154
Publication date: 22nd November 2018
Publisher: New Frontier Publishing
Format: Hardback

Our View on Santa's High-tech Christmas

Santa turns to modern gadgets to deliver his presents in this gentle, humorous story. He still uses reindeer, though the sleigh has been updated to a nice old open-topped car, but resorts to a jet-pack in busy cities - well, it makes parking much easier - and he keeps a check on deliveries via an iPad. His best laid plans go wrong though when he drops it but fortunately the little girl he’s delivering to is a digital native and can fix it for him. The story may hinge on modern technology for its drama but there’s a charmingly vintage feel to Angela Perrini’s illustrations and the final message - one of kindness and generosity- is thoroughly traditional.

Andrea Reece

About Santa's High-tech Christmas

Santa has discovered high-tech gear. With his techno-pad, a soft reclining seat in his sleigh and a rocket pack, he is well prepared to deliver presents for Christmas Day. But as things start to go wrong, Santa needs the help of a young girl so that all the presents get delivered on time.

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