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Costa Award-winning author, Carnegie nominee, Booktrust teenage fiction prize nominee - the list goes on. The success of Jason Wallace’s debut novel, Out of Shadows, has been nothing short of exceptional. This raw and powerful coming-of-age novel set in a boarding school in Zimbabwe in the 1980s just after Mugabe came to power was described by the Costa Award judges as ‘a stunning debut novel without a false note. Accomplished and powerful, it changes the way you think.’

Jason is related to Tolkien and a descendent of one of the first International English cricketers, and also of the world-renowned Victorian circus owner “Lord” George Sanger. He was born in Cheltenham in 1969 but moved to London after his parents split up. Aged 12 his life was turned upside down when his mother remarried and the family emigrated to Zimbabwe. It was this experience in a tough boarding school during the aftermath of the war for independence that forms the foundation of his incredible first novel. And he did actually meet Robert Mugabe when he visited his school.

Jason is currently a web designer, living in South West London.

Author Q&A

What was your inspiration for Out of Shadows?

I’d always wanted to write a book that made use of my own experiences of growing up in Zimbabwe: A fictionalised, ‘what if?’ version, heavily embellished with some strong characters and with a political undercurrent.

Which character was the most fun to write?

I think Weekend was the most fun. There are some quite dark characters in Out of
Shadows. Weekend was a breath of fresh air.

What was the last film that blew you away?

Memento, written and directed by Christopher Nolan. It covers a few days in the life of a man who’s lost his short-term memory and is trying to find his wife’s killer. The film runs backwards so pieces everything together in a very clever way, I thought.

If you were invisible for a day what would you do?

I certainly wouldn’t worry about having to iron my shirt. Bliss.

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