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Suz Hughes's work has been published in a number of books. She studied art and design with a main focus in children's illustration, which has served her well. Suz likes to mix imagination with everyday life in her work, hoping to make her readers smile. Suz grew up in Wales and currently lives in Manchester.

1. We’re excited to get our hands on your new book, ‘The Night the Stars Went Out’. Can you tell us a little more about the book and its themes?
The book its about friendship, the importance of happiness, and making time for fun stuff (basically don’t work too hard)

2. What inspired you to create this story?
Space is something I've always loved and been interested in. One day I was doodling in my sketch book and happened to draw a little alien(Alien) and for some reason I thought it would be cute if he was shining and star and the story just grew from there.

3. When Alien travels to Earth he dons an ingenious disguise – a moustache! What would your disguise of choice be?
Fab question! It would have to be a big pair of specs, a massive hat, and a wig, I might even steal Aliens I love earth T-shirt.

4. What were your favourite picture books from your childhood?
I loved so many books, my favourites would have to be Roald Dahls ‘James and the Giant Peach’, I had it in audio format, as well as the printed book, I’d listen to it over, and over again. I also had a favourite book called ‘My Bedtime Book’, which was illustrated by Garth Williams, apparently I would giggle at all the illustrations, I'm not sure why.

5. Are you working on any new projects that we should look out for?

I’m currently working on 2 book projects, they are both about animals and very much in the ideas stage, but watch this space :)

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Reader ReviewedThe Night the Stars Went Out
Suz Hughes
Sadly, for all sorts of reasons, many children these days suffer from anxiety. This story of a worried little alien is perfect for them, but has lots for everyone to enjoy too. It's the alien's job to shine the stars,...
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Format: Paperback | Released 06/10/2016
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