Tiny The Invisible World of Microbes by Nicola Davies

Tiny The Invisible World of Microbes

Written by Nicola Davies
Illustrated by Emily Sutton

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Longlisted for the 2015 CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal This exciting non-fiction picture book introduces young readers to the wondrous (and invisible) world of microbes.


Tiny The Invisible World of Microbes by Nicola Davies

There are living things so tiny millions could fit on a dot. Although they are invisible, they are everywhere and they multiply very quickly. They are vital for life on earth, and do all sorts of things - from giving us a cold and making yoghurt to wearing down mountains and helping to make the air we breathe. With charming illustrations by Emily Sutton, this friendly, clever book succeeds in conveying the complex science of micro-organisms simply and clearly, and opens up an exciting new avenue for young non-fiction.


In Tiny, Nicola Davies has created a fascinating and accessible science book for younger children that will be greeted with great delight by teachers. Each turn of the page offers something new and interesting for children to think about -- Marilyn Brocklehurst Bookseller Tiny ambitiously takes on microbiology for toddlers, explaining in the simplest terms and illustrations the basics of microbes. You might even learn something yourself We Love This Book This gorgeously-presented non-fiction picture book describes itself as 'the first microbiology book for five-year-olds'. Making a complex topic simple and appealing enough for even very young readers to understand, this is a fascinating introduction to the subject of microbes - living things so tiny that millions could fit in a single dot. Children will love exploring each beautifully-laid out page, looking out for the characters who recur on each spread - a boy, a girl and a cat. The perfectly-pitched text by award-winning author Nicola Davies conveys the information in a clear, friendly and accessible way, and Emily Sutton's charming illustrations are a real delight. This is an original, special and memorable book that sets the bar high for illustrated children's non-fiction Booktrust Managing to be both informative and engaging, Nicola's enthusiasm and understanding of the subject enables her to convey complex scientific theory in a clear way that children can easily digest. Aided by Emily's explanatory diagrams and images, this is perhaps the first and only microbiology book for five-year-olds, which is a very fine accolade indeed Junior, Book of the Month A linear story that describes in beautifully simple language the science of microbiology ... Sutton's drawings are both elegant and informative, getting science across to the youngest readers... stands out for doing something different in this field -- Lorna Bradbury The Telegraph Never let it be said that education books are dull! Beautifully depicted in easy to understand images and descriptions. A great way to encourage little ones to learn Babybuzz Reveals the miraculous-ness of science with sheer sharp edge precision and decorative charm -- Nicolette Jones The Sunday Times An absolute visual delight. This charming and beautiful book eloquently describes the forms, functions and rapid reproduction of the 'invisible transformers of our world

's Association's Best New Children's Books Summer 2014, The Guardian An enchanting book ... [the] prose is imaginative and lucid and glorious illustrations awaken a sense of wonder. It's a great gift for any child who neglects to wash - and for hygiene-obsessed parents -- The Oldie Magazine Amanda Craig A star book for young children ... arresting and interesting illustrations work perfectly with the text, bringing things to a practical level Books for Keeps A richly beautiful examination of life on the tiniest scale Metro With charming illustrations by Emily Sutton, this friendly, clever book succeeds in conveying the complex science of micro-organisms simply and clearly and opens up an exciting new adventure for young non-fiction Green Parent It's rare to find a science book for tiddlers, never mind one with such a fine aesthetic sensibility -- Alex O'Connell The Times This breath taking and magical science book is one I would give to almost anyone ... with its spellbinding Judith Kerr-like illustrations it has a bedtime story feel The Glasgow Herald A much needed science book for the early years. Nursery World I really recommend this book - informative, with excellent, fun illustrations on beautiful paper. Juno Ideal for reading with younger children. The School Librarian Nicola Davies imparts a sense of wonder at the variety and abundance of near-invisible life forms Wall Street Journal Europe Exploring the wonders of microbes, this book is a great big, super-small wow. From grinning whale down to mini ant and beyond, readers are hurled into a world of scale and numbers. Tiny does a glorious job of depicting the undepictable with carefully chosen statistics and magnificent illustrations in earthy greens and browns. The sequence showing microbe multiplication will blow minds and smack gobs. And to read that the smallest workers are doing the biggest jobs - well, that can't but delight young wonder-struck readers. Children's Books Ireland Recommended Read They turn a learning experience into a delightful picture book Carousel A large, exciting picture book ... will inspire children's curiosity Books for Keeps'

About the Author

Nicola Davies

Nicola Davies - As a child

Nicola says: I don't remember a time when I wasn't utterly besotted with animals. I spent all my time before I went to school, in the garden with my lovely Grandpa (who was small and round and had all sorts of things in his cardigan pockets) looking at flowers, and ants and bird's nests. My parents moved around quite a lot so I was always the new girl in school, which meant I spent a lot of time on my own reading and thinking... still my two favourite recreational activities. What finally saved me at school was that I learnt to make people laugh. But I was still mostly by myself, alone, out in the fields in Suffolk where my parents then lived, walking my dog and listening to the skylarks.

As an adult

I did a zoology degree and went on to study various animals in the wild; bats, geese, whales... Then I went to work at the BBC Natural History Unit, first as a researcher and later a presenter on 'The Really Wild Show'. TV was fun for a while, but I really hated the pressure. The good thing about it was that it allowed me to earn money, and still have time for my kids when they were little. I've loved being a mum, absolutely adored it. Some of my happiest memories are of reading my kids books I loved as a child - books like the Lord of the Rings. I can still make my daughter squeal by doing my 'Gollum' voice!

As an artist

I wanted to write from about the age of twenty, and I wrote scenes and characters in my head all the time. But never put anything on paper. I would go into bookshops and see all those books and think, there's just too many and I'm not clever enough to do yet another one. So I didn't start writing until my thirties, when I began to write scripts for kids' programmes. I gradually got more confidence and started to write for Walker Books, then for newspapers and magazines and then adult novels. I've just started to write poetry for children too. I'm terribly disciplined about my writing. I just sit down at my desk and get on with it every day I have, and get really cross about being distracted. I also teach writing at a university now and sometimes I get really cross with that too, because it keeps me from getting as much writing done as I would like. I love children's films and cartoons... Lilo and Stitch is my favourite at the moment. I cry every time in Babe when the pig says to the sheepdog, 'Can I call you Mum?'

Things you didn't know about Nicola Davies

1. If I were rich, I would fill my whole house with flowers all the time.

2. I have a sister who looks and sounds just like me.

3. I love singing and I know lots of folk songs (some with rather rude words!)

4. My children are always telling me off for saying sorry all the time.

5. I used to study whales in Newfoundland, dressed in nothing but wellies (only on hot days)

6. I used to keep Shetland sheep which I sheared using a pair of kitchen scissors.

7. I'm expert at wringing chickens necks (but I suppose you didn't really want to know that!)

Please note there are two children's authors called Nicola Davies which our systems are unable to tell apart. The books Star in the Custard, Shampoo and Seawater, and Stories from Abergele Street are not written by this Nicola Davies. Apologies.

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Nicola Davies
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