Secrets by T.A. Blezard


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Secrets by T.A. Blezard

Over the past year Briony, a fit, bright girl with a passion for stargazing, has become moody and introverted and her friends can't figure out why. They know nothing of Briony's secret life at home, where her apparently respectable stepfather, Colin, is increasingly violent towards her mother, and on occasion, towards her. When Briony tries to help her mother she only seems to make things worse, so she keeps quiet and pretends that nothing is wrong, just like everyone else in the family. But things are getting worse and Briony is scared that one day, Colin will go too far. Briony knows she can't runaway and give up on her mother, but how can she convince her to leave? And what will be the consequence of the scenes she has witnessed for her own budding relationship with lan, who had seemed so different?


16-year-old Briony Newman is being emotionally torn apart by her stepfather's abusive behaviour towards her mother. As the violence escalates, Briony becomes increasingly despairing of her situation. Her older brother seems indifferent, and she cannot bring herself to confide in her friends. Then one day, during a school computer session, she discovers a selection of websites devoted to domestic violence. Reading through other people's stories on the message board, Briony realizes she is not alone with her problems. Eventually she summons up the courage to put her own message on the web, and is able to gain some comfort from confiding in total strangers. Meanwhile, her home life continues to crumble around her. Conflicting emotions engulf her as her mother seems determined to make excuses for her stepfather's intolerable behaviour, and her friends are starting to notice that she is not the fun-loving Briony of old. Then there's her new boyfriend, Ian, to consider. Should she tell him about her home life? Has she really got the strength and commitment for a boyfriend right now? And can she ever persuade her mother to break away? T A Blezard's second novel paints a vivid and shocking portrait of a family driven apart by domestic violence. Told entirely from Briony's point of view, it is a poignant reminder that the abused partner is not the only victim

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Tracey Blezard has written four books for the Mysterious World Series published by MacDonald Young. She has also written a book for the Hodder Wayland series on space. She is director of studies at an EFL school.

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T.A. Blezard
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1st April 2002



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