Tom Finger by Gillian McClure


Tom Finger by Gillian McClure

One day a strange cat appears at the door. 'My name is Tom Finger,' he cries. Each day he appears, and each day he leaves a strange and wonderful gift: a silk purse, a lace handkerchief, an embroidered needle case. Queenie is completely entranced by him - her brother though is convinced he is a witch's cat. But Queenie is determined to find out - and one day starts following the cat through the snowy forest, following a trail of red wool...What Queenie finds at the end of the trail is totally unexpected. A book that has exquisite, beautiful illustrations,and a traditional feel that will be cherished for years to come. Praise for Tom Finger: 'McClure's storytelling has a strange magical rhythm to it and her drawings have a wistful delicacy' Books for Keeps 'enchanting' Financial Times 'a magical tale, set in a snowy landscape' Daily Telegraph


'McClure's storytelling has a strange magical rhythm to it and her drawings... have a wistful delicacy'

; 'enchanting

; 'a magical tale, set in a snowy landscape

Queenie is a little girl with a sore heart, for her beloved tabby cat has died of old age. Every day, in the deep snow of winter, she calls to her tabby to return. Her brother Ben tells her to give up this lost cause. But then a different tabby appears, young and bold with bright blue eyes. He reveals only his name, Tom Finger, and then disappears. Every day Tom Finger returns to Queenie, smiling reassurance and leaving her with a gift. He will not answer the girl's questions about who he is and where he comes from and Ben believes he is a witch's cat who means to harm them. But Queenie instinctively trusts to his goodness. 'Where do you come from and where do you go?

- a lace hankie, a soap bag, a slipper - simple, personal things that add to the sense of mystery in the tale. Finally one day the young cat fails to appear. Queenie is worried and sets out to find him, following a trail of red wool through the snow. She is afraid and sometimes lost but calls to the cat and each time receives the help she needs. When at last Queenie finds Tom Finger's home, she is rewarded for her kindness and faithfulness with a very special gift. There is a dream-like tone to this lovely tale that gives it an unforgettable quality. Written in a traditional style, it has a resonance that will appeal to all imaginative children. The illustrations are classically beautiful and make this a book to treasure. Ages 4-6 (Kirkus UK)

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Gillian McClure

Gillian McClure has written and illustrated many picture books among them Selkie, The Little White Sprite and Zoe’s Boat.

Gillian lives in Cambridge where she runs her own publishing house, Plaister Press.

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32 pages
Interest Age: From 4 To 99


Gillian McClure
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Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

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2nd September 2002



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