Vietnamese Children's Favorite Stories by Phuoc Thi Minh Tran, Nguyen Dong

Vietnamese Children's Favorite Stories

Written by Phuoc Thi Minh Tran, Nguyen Dong
Illustrated by


Vietnamese Children's Favorite Stories by Phuoc Thi Minh Tran, Nguyen Dong

Vietnamese Children's Favorite Stories is a charming collection of fifteen tales beloved by Vietnamese children for generations. Experienced storyteller Tran Thi Minh Phuoc vividly recounts such favorites as the story of Tam and Cam (the Vietnamese version of Cinderella), the legend of the Jade Rabbit, the legend of the Mai Flower, and many others. Children and adults alike will be enchanted by the legends of bravery and beauty, fables about nature, and stories in which integrity, hard work and a kind heart triumph over deception, laziness and greed. Gods, peasants, kings and fools spring to life to celebrate Vietnam's rich cultural heritage, forging bonds with people around the world, and bringing us all together in ways that only great stories can do. The beautiful illustrations are by veteran artists Thi Hop Nguyen and Dong Nguyen, whose work perfectly captures the charm and flavor of traditional Vietnamese culture. 'Vietnamese Children's Favorite Stories' is a great example of what I often refer to as a parent's `snuggle book.' This book with its magical stories provides the perfect invitation for parents to snuggle with their child to read and let their imaginations soar as they enter into a land and culture of untold Vietnamese generations. The beautiful illustrations by veteran artists Thi Hop Nguyen and Dong Nguyen perfectly capture the charm and flavor of traditional Vietnamese culture. This book is a treat for the eyes and the imagination and is sure to become a family favorite for many years to come. -Adoption Today Magazine A lovely collection of fifteen beautifully illustrated Vietnamese folk tales, retold for Western children. Why not read one a night at bedtime to your kids? It works for all ages, even adults! -Pragmatic Mom


Vietnamese Children's Favorite Stories is a rainbow sampling of a rich culture's traditions for children, appealing to children of imagination everywhere. --Midwest Book Review This story collection provides an opportunity for children of Vietnamese origin to find out more about the beauty and depth of the culture of Vietnam, through stories full of self-nation, and is an opportunity for families of Vietnamese origin and transmission of conservation treasure tales Vietnam for the next generation. --Nguoi Viet Daily News The stories reflect the traditions, myths, and history of Vietnam, with trees and flowers frequently serving symbolic purposes. Works such as The Story of Tam and Cam, an adaptation of Cinderella, will be familiar to readers, while a story about why the sea is salty (it's due to a greedy man's magical salt grinder at the bottom of the ocean) will be new to many. The husband-and-wife Nguyens

--Publishers Weekly Phuoc Tran's stories remind us of the depth and beauty of Vietnamese culture. The folktales help heal us all from the tragic history of the Vietnam War and bring the deep enduring cultural traditions back into the light to be shared by all. --David Zander, Cultural Anthropologist, Co-Founder of Asian Storytellers Alliance The delicate and detailed watercolor illustrations elegantly enhance the appeal of this work. VERDICT A valuable and culturally authentic addition to folktale collections. --School Library Journal This well researched and lovingly written book is destined to be a children's classic. --Wendy Woodfill, Senior Librarian at Hennepin County Library, MN; Chair of the 2014 ALSC Notable Children's Books Committee Attractive watercolor illustrations by two Vietnamese artists are scattered throughout, and the appealing cover should invite readers. A welcome addition to any collection of folk tales. --Kirkus Review

About the Author

Tran Thi Minh Phuoc spent ten months in a refugee camp in Malaysia before coming to America. In 1984, after a 50-hour Greyhound trip from California, she reached Minnesota, where she found life's most precious treasures: education and a safe environment. She became Minnesota's first Vietnamese librarian and has been an active storyteller for over 20 years. Nguyen Thi Hop and Nguyen Dong began their careers as young professional artists in the South Vietnam of the 1960s, exhibiting in Paris, Taiwan and in cities in Germany and the US as well as in Saigon. They have illustrated books published in numerous countries and have frequently illustrated the work of renowned Vietnamese Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh.

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Phuoc Thi Minh Tran, Nguyen Dong
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1st February 2015



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