Weird Frogs by Chris Earley

Weird Frogs

Written by Chris Earley
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Weird Frogs by Chris Earley

A sneak peek into the remarkable world of the tailless amphibians. Some frogs blend into the green of their ponds, and live an unremarkable existence. But some are strange looking, having adapted to a special environment. This colourful and informative book reveals a rare and close-up look at the odd beauty of some of the strangest of these creatures largely hidden from our view. Weird Frogs features: Beautiful photographs that show the frogs up close - really close; Informative captions that provide fascinating details about the lives of these endangered and fascinating creatures. Available in hardback and paperback, the book will appeal to middle school students exploring topic ideas, younger students interested in wildlife and advanced readers who enjoy picture books.


Weird Frogs examines 58 of the oddest and most colorful members of the frog world. The Vietnamese mossy frog, for example, resembles a clump of moss; all it has to do to hide from predators is to sit still. The strawberry poison dart frog takes a different approach: its brilliant colors let enemies see it plainly -- and avoid it.--William Hageman Chicago Tribune (11/07/2014) People of all ages like frogs, and what's not to like? They look awesome, sound great and play vital roles in nature. In Weird Frogs Chris Early, the interpretive biologist at the University of Guelph Arboretum, introduces us to 58 odd-looking frogs and the strange ways they have adapted to a special environment. And these beautiful creatures do have some bizarre features... The illustrations in the book are excellent and the captions for each frog contain interesting and fascinating facts about the animal... The descriptions include why the frog looks like he does, features they have to defend themselves, where they live and more. As Earley points out in the Introduction it is important to learn about frogs as many of them are experiencing reductions in their populations due to such things as .. .habitat loss, collecting for the pet trade, pollution, climate change and the introduction of invasive species... Weird Frogs is a fun and fascinating book for young (and old) naturalists.--Glenn Perrett (11/11/2014) Frogs are extremely important to nature, but are often misunderstood by humans. This clearly photographed book showcases every detail of frogs

-eight odd-looking frogs and their strange mannerisms are presented; with fascinating details about their purposes and endangerments.--Lee Littlewood Lodi News-Sentinel (11/04/2014) The format for this title, as with others in the series (birds, insects, sea creatures ...) is to show single, close-up colour photographs of individual species from around the world. They are chosen for their weirdness and bright colours and are all shown against a white background ('cut-outs

... The book is for 10 year olds and older, and will be a useful introduction to the group.--John Feltwell School Librarian Journal (04/01/2015) Firefly Books is renowned for its incredible photography and this one belongs at the top. Full page images of some very unusual frogs are accompanied with information describing each. They are amazing!... 5 out of 5.--Katrina Yurenka Youth Services Book Review (11/18/2014)

About the Author

Chris Earley is the interpretive biologist at the University of Guelph Arboretum. His kids' books that encourage youngsters to 'find and identify your own' have been very popular. They include Caterpillars and Dragonflies.

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Chris Earley
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1st November 2014



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