The World of Moose Fill Me in by Alexander Allain


The World of Moose Fill Me in by Alexander Allain

An original fill-me-in journal from the World of Moose, packed with ideas and complex illustrations to spark your creative imagination. Playful drawings and simple prompts invite creators of all ages to not only colour, but draw, imagine and finish his dense line drawings. Complete your own city, fill it with people, write a comic and more. The ultimate rainy day book, sure to keep little ones busy for hours!


To enter the world of Moose Allain is to draw back the curtain on a playground where pictures and words live together in joy and possibility. There's room for you in the playground, too. In fact there's room for us all! -- Ian McMillan Hooray for Moose Allain and his endless quest to make the world a sillier, more creative place! If everybody was like Moose then - well, I don't know, that's a weird thought. Anyway, I really like his book. -- Andy Stanton A wonderfully funny and charming book from Moose. Any creative child will love it! -- Richard Osman Far more than simply a colouring book, this fill-me-in journal is teeming with ideas to get the imaginative juices flowing. Ideal for older children and even adults, the intricate and detailed pictures come with plenty of stimulating ideas to encourage would-be artists to colour, draw, imagine and finish the busy line drawings. Make a flock of colourful birds, colour in a happy summer day, put the writing on the wall and even compose your own lyrics. Masses of fun - take the book with you on a long journey, anywhere you may have to wait around or even on the beach or in the park. Express yourself! Here we have another of its ingenious books designed to encourage activeness and creativity and to stimulate the imagination. Despite its simple appearance, Fill Me In is a surprisingly clever version of a traditional children's book for drawing and coloring in. Its strategy to encourage creativity is based on questions and suggestions such as Do you think that more buildings will appear when the cloud disappears? , What else is happening above the clouds? or What is this laboratory plotting? Do you think they're ready to make bombs? Reveal what they're about to make which, unlike the dull slogans that you'll normally find in this kind of book, invites you finish a story, a tale with a cliffhanger, an invisible hook that will awaken your hitherto unknown creative abilities, so that you can respond to the suggestion with a pencil in hand. Divided into short chapters with different themes: your world / the house / sentences and words / seasons / groups of animals / sentences and words, this book is cleverly educational and stimulating at the same time and it's not only designed for kids but also for adults who want to enjoy creative activities. Its author, Allain Moose, is a versatile artist with a background in architecture who has a commendable gift for playfully experimenting with drawing and language. He's also very popular on Twitter, where he shares his creativity with more than 57,400 followers and he's very interested in social networks, mainly because he considers them to be one big community where people can share the same concerns. Boolino

About the Author

Moose Allain is a former architect and has taught at the University of North London and the Royal College of Art's School of Architecture. His illustrations have featured in the Literary Review, Stephen Fry's 100 Greatest Gadgets and Gadget Man, both on Channel 4. He lives and works in Devon.

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96 pages


Alexander Allain
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Templar Publishing

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1st October 2014



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