Those Pesky Rabbits by Ciara Flood

Those Pesky Rabbits

Written by Ciara Flood
Illustrated by Ciara Flood

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Those Pesky Rabbits by Ciara Flood

All Mr Bear wants is to be left alone, but his rabbit neighbours just don't get it! They keep on asking annoying things like can they borrow honey, or does he want to swap books! When grumpy refusals don't work, he decides to scare away those pesky rabbits. Can kindness make Mr Bear see it's time for a change?


Bear loves his own company, living in the middle of nowhere, on his own, just the way he likes it. Until... *Cue pesky rabbits.* All of a sudden, Bear's peace is rudely interrupted and his inquisitive new neighbours won't leave him alone. Continual questioning and requests for honey and swapping books makes Bear angry and once and for all he scares away his rabbity residents. The rabbits take the hint and they leave him alone to his own devices until one day, they decide to leave Bear a special package and the realisation hits as Bear acknowledges that he is feeling lonely. Who'd have thought it? Can bear learn to live with his new neighbours? Who knows, he may even learn to like them? We've openly admitted that we're suckers for a bear, but what a way to kick off your picture book career, Ciara Flood! The details and added extras in this book will keep any young reader entertained. Watch out for the little mouse, he kept my 5 year old engaged, looking out for him on every spread. We look forward for more of the same and can't wait to see what Ciara does next. picturebooksblogger Recommended. Rabbits. Bears. Neighbours. Friendship. Bear loves his own company, and children reading the book or joining in when someone reads it to them, will eagerly point out the clues to his taciturn nature: 'Go Away

; they try to borrow some wood, and he sends them away; they want to swap some books, but again he tells them to go. Each time, the lovely illustrations show the reality of Bear's house and the things he could have given them. When the rabbits leave something for him, he suddenly feels lonely and so must go about redeeming himself to his neighbours, finding out that perhaps there is more to life than being alone. Children will love following the antics of Bear and the ways the rabbits try to be friends, being rebuffed at all attempts, and will follow the little mouse as it appears, and marvel at the landscapes presented on each page. There are many standout pages: the blue of the day Bear realises what he is missing out on; the pages filled with the activities they do together; the pages where he pulls his sled across to their place, and all the wonderful interior scenes. I loved them all, and kids will too. Fran Knight -- Fran Knight ReadPlus I can't believe that Easter is only a few days away! How did that happen? I don't know what it is about Easter but it always seems to sneak up on me (regardless of the fact that chocolate Easter eggs have been on sale in the shops since January!) Anyway, I thought I would share an adorable picture book about rabbits today. It's not specifically an Easter book but it has bunnies, and who doesn't love a good bunny book at Easter time? It's called Those Pesky Rabbits by Ciara Flood. Mr Bear lives alone and that's the way he likes it. However, one day a family of rabbits move in next door and Mr Bear's peaceful solitude is gone in an instant. The rabbits seem to be constantly visiting Mr Bear. They want to borrow some honey or they need help chopping some wood and my favourite, they want to swap some books. Those pesky and utterly adorable little rabbits are pretty persistent, but when Mr Bear roars at them, demanding to be left alone, they finally get the message. Life returns to normal for Mr Bear until one day he finds a basket on his doorstep with a note from the rabbits. This act of kindness finally helps Mr Bear realise the error of his ways and he reaches out to the rabbits. Ciara Flood has created an adorable picture book with a beautiful message of friendship and the importance of generosity (even for grumpy old bears). The illustrations are simply adorable. The stunning detail in each double page spread is captivating and they add a lovely depth to the story. We enjoyed finding the little mouse hidden on some of the pages and I absolutely adored the labels on each of the honey jars. Also the subtle change of seasons are a beautiful touch too. I have a soft spot for fabulous endpapers and I am totally in love with the endpapers for Those Pesky Rabbits. The front endpapers are of a Home Sweet Home cross stitch sampler with the solitary Mr Bear next to his house. Then jump to the end of the book to see the new additions of those adorable little rabbits standing next to Mr Bear. Too adorable for words. This charming picture book would make a lovely non-chocolate Easter gift and because it is not specifically an Easter themed book, you can read it all year round. Yay! I may have purchased a few copies to give as gifts this year too. -- Melissa Honey Bee Books Bear is happy living on his own, in the middle of nowhere, with nothing to bother him. So, when a family of rabbits move in next door, you can understand why he gets a little cross. Pretty soon, those pesky rabbits are on his doorstep, asking to borrow honey, for help to chop wood, if Bear would like to swap books ... And bear, in no uncertain roars, tells them to leave him alone. So they do. Until ... Those pesky rabbits show him that being kind and welcoming and enjoying the company of others, is not so bad after all. This is a gorgeous picture book with a really well-crafted and clever storyline. Simple yet plump with meaning, its messaging is subtle, beautifully-done, and so well appreciated by this avid picture book reader. Let's just say, Ciara Flood has got it right. Then there's the illustrations--just beyond luscious. So much so, I went back through the book just to ogle the beauty, sans text. Reminiscent of the style of the great Emily Gravett, Ciara has created divine scenes, humour, depth and emotion, with each and every image. From the 'go away

-page spread, the tiny details are also a delight. One of my favourite picture books so far this year. Don't miss it. -- Tania McCartney Kids

-minded about newness, and in particular, new people. [...] While the text and illustrations easily stand up for themselves, the stylish design and layout of this book adds a layer of charm and sophistication that makes it a real treasure. -- Rowan Stanfield Carousel Magazine

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Ciara Flood

As a child, Ciara Flood enjoyed nothing more than snuggling up in bed and reading Asterix. She would spend hours creating stories and characters of her own. Now she is grown up she still loves doing these things, but she is lucky enough to do them as a job (except reading Asterix - she still does that for fun). After studying Visual Communications in Dublin, Ciara travelled the world, funding her trips by working as a fruit-picker, hot-dog vendor and dog-calendar seller. She now lives with her partner and daughter in London.

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Ciara Flood
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