The Fox and the Wild by Clive McFarland

The Fox and the Wild

Written by Clive McFarland
Illustrated by Clive McFarland


The Fox and the Wild by Clive McFarland

Fred is a city fox. The city is a scary place for a fox like Fred. It's noisy, it can be hard to find food and it's often dangerous. One day Fred sees a flock of birds flying away over the city roofs. Where do they go? he wonders. And so he sets off to find the wild. All the other city animals say that there is no such place, but Fred knows better - or does he?


In this charming British import, Fred the fox lives in the noisy, smoky, fast-paced city. It's the only world he knows, until one day he meets a bird who tells him about the wild, where there are large trees, hills, and breezes that blow over both. Intrigued, Fred sets off in search of the wild, certain it must be a better place to live than the city. Dwarfed by his surroundings, the small orange fox wanders through the urban landscape, his sideways gaze and diminutive size evoking both his trepidation and curiosity as he searches for the wild in city parks, by the docks, and even on a garbage heap (not the right kind of hill, he concludes). McFarland's mixed-media collages render the cacophonous energy of the city and the green serenity of the wild in cut-out shapes textured with crayon and watercolor, from multicolored buildings checkered with yellow and black windows to the speckled green of a grassy hilltop when Fred finally emerges in the wild to meet another fox, who asks him about the city. Fred's adventure gently encourages children to imagine and be curious about the wider world around them in this readaloud suited to classrooms and bedtime alike. SS * The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books *

About the Author

Clive grew up in Northern Ireland before taking a ship to England to study art and design. He works with paint, crayons and cut paper to create his textured illustrations, and sometimes brings everything together digitally.

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40 pages


Clive McFarland
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Templar Publishing

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30th June 2016



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