Atticus the Storyteller 100 Stories from Greece by Lucy Coats

Atticus the Storyteller 100 Stories from Greece

Written by Lucy Coats
Illustrated by Anthony Lewis

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Atticus the Storyteller 100 Stories from Greece by Lucy Coats

Atticus the Storyteller is determined to take part in the great Storytelling Festival near Troy. He leaves his family in Crete and sets off on a year-long journey round Greece with his donkey, Melissa; and wherever he goes he tells his favourite myths to anyone who'll listen. The 100 myths include all the favourites, such as the wanderings of Odysseus, the labours of Heracles, the stories of King Midas, Daedalus and Icarus, and Theseus and the Minotaur. Atticus's journey takes the reader to all the sites of the myths and gives a captivating glimpse of how life was lived in Ancient Greece. This is an unparalleled introduction to the Greek myths for younger children, excitingly told, wonderful to read aloud, and illustrated on every opening with lively, engaging, colourful pictures full of authentic detail. In Orion's tradition of extra-large great-value story books, this is an outstandingly good resource for every family.


'a splendid reminder of the wonder of the oldest of stories. This large, fat volume, beautifully illustrated by Anthony Lewis, should be in every home and classroom. '

-- Wendy Cooling The Bookseller, 21 June 2002 'a comprehensive selection retold by Lucy Coats'It adds up to quite a feat - both from Atticus and Lucy Coats, with the bonus of illustrations by Anthony Lewis. Children's Bookseller, 20 September 2002 'Storytelling is at its most compelling in'Atticus the Storyteller's 100 Greek Myths'The text is beautifully illustrated in two distinct styles'The stories are short and perfect for reading aloud. This most valuable collection should find a place in every classroom.

'great value and beautifully illustrated. Eastern Daily Press, 2 November 2002 Atticus the Storyteller's 100 Greek Myths is a real winner'it is vibrant, immediate and above, all fun! A really lovely book for all the family to share. -- Fiona Waters Books for Keeps Concisely told in simple language, this is a good way for kids to discover [the Greek myths]. Sainsbury's Magazine A brilliant, accessible introduction to the Greek myths. Good Book Guide, 1 December 2002 This is an old-fashioned book in the best sense - beautifully designed and produced with a solidity that suggests it will not be jettisoned easily. -- Lindsey Fraser Sunday Herald, 1 December 2002 'a handsome book...a lively retelling of all the best-known stories, lavishly illustrated'an ideal way to attract new readers to this fascinating world. The Spectator, 14-21 December 2002 Among the many retellings of the Greek Myths, this new edition stands out for the accessibility and liveliness of Coats's storytelling and inviting design, with colour illustrations on every page. A good introduction to Ancient Greece. Financial Times, 1 December 2002 Greek myths never fail to please and Atticus the Storyteller's 100 Greek Myths are worth every penny. Lucy Coats's versions are accessible to even very young children, and the thrilling cartoons by Anthony Lewis'are quirky, dramatic and just wonderful. -- Amanda Craig Independent on Sunday, 15 December 2002 Lucy Coats has produced the perfect book to introduce children to the Classical world. The legends are told in straightforward language by Atticus the storyteller - a neat device that leads each story into the next. The Field, 1 January 2003 This is a really lovely children's book and is a fantastic way to introduce them to Greek mythology'The book is both easy to read and features clear, bright illustrations. Evening News (Norwich), 22 August 2003 This re-telling of Greek myths is very accessible for young readers'The writing is perfect for reading aloud Scholastic Magazines Best Books 2003, October 2003'

About the Author

Lucy Coats

Lucy Coats: "My first proper job was as an editor in children’s book publishing, so I know what the world of books is like from both an editor’s and a writer’s perspective. While I was doing that I won a poetry competition, and then I submitted a poem for an anthology which was being commissioned by my boss. I used a pseudonym, and keeping my mouth shut while all the other editors were discussing whether it was any good or not is nearly the hardest thing I’ve ever done. A Woobit Song got chosen on merit, and was the first thing I ever had published.

Unfortunately (or fortunately as it turned out for my writing career), I became very sick with something called myalgic encephalomyelitis when I returned from working as an editor in America, and I had to give up my publishing job. That was when I really turned to writing as a way of keeping my brain occupied. My first book One Hungry Baby was published in 1992, and I’ve been writing for children ever since. I have been married to Richard-from-Uni since 1989.We now have two teenage kids—a boy and a girl—and also three dogs—two black labradors and a weird and obstinate Dandie Dinmont terrier (a rare British breed which looks like a very small highland cow without horns and on mega-short legs. It has black boot-button eyes under a blonde fringe and sounds like a bass Great Dane when it barks, which it does continuously). We also have a horse and an ancient guinea-pig. We all live in Northamptonshire, surrounded by sheep, more horses, noisy birds and a view of my stone circle that inspires me every single day."

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264 pages
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Lucy Coats
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21st August 2003



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