Joey Goes to the Dentist by Candace Vittorini, Sara Boyer-Quick


Joey Goes to the Dentist by Candace Vittorini, Sara Boyer-Quick

'Hi! My name is Joey. I'm 5 years old. In a couple of days, I am going to the dentist.' Many children find the experience of visiting the dentist an uncomfortable one, and Joey is no exception. He has Asperger Syndrome, which makes him particularly sensitive to the sensations that he experiences during a visit to the dentist: the feeling of cold instruments in his sensitive mouth, the piercing sound of the drill and the strong taste of mouthwash. He also dislikes the invasion of personal space which a trip to the dentist always involves. However, Joey has strategies that will help him and other children to cope. Before he visits the dentist, he marks the date of the visit on his calendar, he practises counting his teeth with his dad, and also opening his mouth for other people to take a look inside. Joey explains what to expect during a visit to the dentist - he describes how x-ray machines work and why they are important, why you need to wear a bib, and lists the different kinds of tools that dentists use. This colourful picture book features photographs throughout. It will be a source of information and advice for families of children with autism spectrum disorders or related conditions, and the professionals who work with them, including dental professionals.


Children with Asperger Syndrome usually find changes to their routines upsetting; They like to have a set pattern to their day and any alteration to this can cause stress. In addition, many children with AS are highly snsitive to physical sensations, sounds, taste, light and the invasion of their personal space, all of which are an inevitable part of a visit to the dentist. However, these children can be helped by knowing in advance about any proposed change and wherever possible, the details of what to expect. In this photographic picture book, young Joey, who himself has AS, provides a straightforward explanation of how he prepares for and subsequently pays a visit to his dentist. His explanation encompasses information about the dentist and his 'helper', the instruments used, sounds and tastes, the cleaning process and very importantly, his own coping strategies. -- Wordproof Joey has Asperger syndrome and is preparing to visit the dentist. Like many children with an autistic spectrum disorder, Joey finds the experience difficult. This book is aimed at parents/carers to read with their child aged 6 years and up. It has clear large photographs and the choice of two textx to read. A large, simple sentence text or a more detailed smaller text. There are lots of ideas for parents to prepare their child for the appointment and tips for keeping motivated and calm during the appointment. This book is an excellent starting point for making your own personalized book, taking photos of your child when they are at the dentist or of the dentist, their tools, waiting room, dentist chair and a reward after the visit. This book is well written, packed with lots of useful tips and has clear large photographs. It would be an excellent resource for some children with autistic spectrum disorders. -- NAS This American book is written for children aged 6-10 and is aimed at children with autistic spectrum disorders or related conditions, their families and the professionals who work with them. It features Joey, a five year old boy with Asperger Syndrome, which makes him particularly sensitive to the physical sensations and invasion of personal space that a trip to the dentist always involves. Through this colourful hardback photo book Joey explains in detail what to expect from a visit to the dentist, what tools, machines and procedures might be used and what strategies he uses to cope with the experience. This book has been written by a specialist in Autism who herself has a child with Asperger Syndrome and a paediatric occupational therapist with 14 years experience of working with Autistic children. I hope this book will prove helpful to some childminders and parents out there and look forward to passing my copy on to my friend and her Autistic son. --

About the Author

Candace Vittorini is Autism Specialist, Spring Lake Park and Columbia Heights, Minnesota. She worked with children with autism spectrum disorders for over eight years at Camp Discovery and also as a consultant in schools. She is the parent of two children, one of whom has Asperger Syndrome.

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32 pages
Interest Age: From 3


Candace Vittorini, Sara Boyer-Quick
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Jessica Kingsley Publishers

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22nd February 2007



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