Bone by Bone by Bone by Tony Johnston


Bone by Bone by Bone by Tony Johnston

Malcolm and I could no more be separated than green from grass. My daddy had forbidden me to play with him, on account of his being coloured. Though little by little I came to understand the barriers between Negroes and white folks, back then I knew of no rule about two boys not being friends. The most important thing in David's life is his friendship with Malcolm. In a secret ceremony in a cave they even become blood brothers. But this is 1950s Tennessee, and Malcolm is black. One day David's fiercely racist father lays down a terrible threat. If Malcolm ever enters their home, he will kill him. David tries to change his daddy's mind, but what will happen if Malcolm ever crosses the line? A powerful and haunting book, countering the horror of racial hatred with a lyrical tribute to childhood friendship.


A haunting future classic in the 'To Kill a Mockingbird

's easy to see why. Even now, when the President is a black man, this is dangerous ground for an author to tread - and Johnston treads it well. She describes the undercurrents of racism and how David becomes aware of them beautifully, sensitively and with unflinching honesty. The writing is clear and lovely, extremely readable, but with child-like inflexions and the rich lexicon of the American South. 5 stars. The quality of this outstanding novel is evident from the first page, for this is an author who writes rather than word-processes... It is exhilarating to read prose packed with local colour and idiom and always so beautifully crafted. Author of over 100 books in her own country, Tony Johnston is comparatively unknown over here. This excellent novel should put this right. Books for Keeps There's a good reason why To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is mentioned in reference to Bone by Bone by Bone. It is a modern book on a similar vein which I believe should, in time, become a classic. nayusreadingcorner Much, if not all, of America has changed in the last sixty years and this book is a telling story of those unhappy, turbulent times. Carousel From the stark black and white cover to the ingenious title, Bone by Bone by Bone is a triumph, one which captures the brightness of childhood with the shadow of adulthood in a time which should be left behind but never forgotten. INIS A very poignant story, which for some readers should offer an insight into difficult situations that still have relevance today. School Librarian A biting, exciting read. Irish Examiner'

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Tony Johnston's father was born and raised in the south of America, where Bone by Bone by Bone takes place. Tony grew up in an atmosphere of racial intolerance and Bone by Bone by Bone is based on that experience. She is the author of Any Small Goodness.

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208 pages
Interest Age: From 11


Tony Johnston
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14th January 2010



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