Get Fit with Nelson by Simon Weston, David Fitzgerald


Get Fit with Nelson by Simon Weston, David Fitzgerald

'Help!' Oh dear! It's Rhodri, one of the overfed rats at the St Mary Dairy in Pont-y-cary, and he's stuck up a drainpipe. Rhodri's not the only one who's been packing on the pounds. Nelson, always a 'well-built' carthorse, has also recently moved into the XXXXXXXXXXXXL league! As a result, Nelson goes into training!


Full of word-play and talking animals, this fourth story from the pen of Simon Weston (with a little help from David FitzGerald and illustrator Jac Jones) is laugh-out-loud funny. The characters are enough to ensure humour. Not only do we have Nelson, the horse, but we also meet two fat rats, a dizzy carrier pigeon, and a troop of rugby-playing ducks (the All Quacks), led by Sir Francis Drake. But it is the fat rats, Rhodri and Rhys, who start the story going by Rhodri getting stuck in a down pipe. In an episode reminiscent of Pooh Bear and the rabbit hole, Rhodri is finally extracted with great difficulty, and the decision is made that the rats must lose weight. And it is not only the rats that have become more rotund. Nelson, who is to lead the Welsh rugby team out onto the pitch at the Millennium Stadium with the lovely Brecon, wants to lose weight too. Their efforts are not at first successful, but when trainer pig, Montgomery, takes them on, they are soon jogging with the best of them. Montgomery has been in a fire, and his face and tail are dramatically changed. Rhodri and Rhys find his appearance difficult to accept, and in a serious part of the story, Montgomery explains what has happened to him and that he has decided to achieve something ... something special. In fact he has won first prize for running in the Special Olympigs and is a very special pig indeed. The twin themes of getting fit and of accepting people as they are must be of special interest to the author, and they make this story ideal for schools. The animal friends have further adventures at St Mary Dairy at Pont-y-cary, and the wonderfully funny black and white pictures of Nelson and all his friends add greatly to the fun. While children may not understand all the word-play, their parents and teachers will enjoy it! This is a charming, silly, waggish story and beautifully produced too by Pont Books. Elizabeth Schlenther It is possible to use this review for promotional purposes, but the following acknowledgment should be included: A review from, with the permission of the Welsh Books Council. Gellir defnyddior adolygiad hwn at bwrpas hybu, ond gofynnir i chi gynnwys y gydnabyddiaeth ganlynol: Adolygiad oddi ar, trwy ganiatd Cyngor Llyfrau Cymru. -- Welsh Books Council

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Simon Weston, David Fitzgerald

Simon Weston OBE (pictured) is a former British Army soldier who became well-known after suffering severe injuries during the bombing of the RFA Sir Galahad in the Falklands War. After recovering from his initial injuries, he has worked tirelessly for charity and is now a well-known personality on radio and television and is in demand as an after-dinner speaker throughout the UK. Nelson at Sea is the latest in his best-selling series of children’s books chartering Nelson’s adventures.

David FitzGerald is the voice of Saturday mornings on BBC Radio Devon. He started out in radio in the early 1980s, before moving to television, reporting for Sky News. He is also an experienced writer, having scripted television favourites such as The Bill and Spitting Image.

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60 pages


Simon Weston, David Fitzgerald
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Pont Books an imprint of Gomer Press

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23rd October 2013



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