Troll and the Oliver by Adam Stower

Troll and the Oliver

Written by Adam Stower
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Troll and the Oliver by Adam Stower

Every day, Oliver goes to the shops and every day the troll tries to eat him. Luckily Oliver is too fast, too sneaky, or just too plain clever to be caught. But when things get quiet, and Oliver thinks he has won - CHOMP! He gets eaten! Unfortunately for the troll, Olivers don't taste very nice. So he spits him out and discovers that Oliver has been buying ingredients to make cakes - and trolls LOVE cakes!


As monster books go this is pretty much perfect... the double-pumped payoff is so utterly, deliciously satisfying that for a tiny, tiny moment your little one will sit agog. * Read it Daddy * Excellent clever plot, amusing detailed illustrations and a pleasing twist at the end. -- Peters eGazette * Peters eGazette * Every day, Troll tries to eat the Oliver but the Oliver is too fast, too sneaky, or just too plain clever to be caught. But when things get quiet, and Oliver thinks it's safe when suddenly and unexpectedly, Troll is back and CHOMP! But Olivers don't taste very nice so the Oliver is safe. And the unexpected ending is CAKE! And there's even a recipe to try out. Troll is wonderfully depicted with the most amazingly expressive eyebrows you have ever seen! And Oliver has a very cheeky little face! I like the cut out on the cover and this will intrigue children. Enormous fun. -- Parents in Touch * Parents In Touch * If your name happens to be Oliver, beware. There's a large, blue, lumbering troll around and there's nothing this sneaky looking creature would like better than to eat you for lunch. Said troll finds Oliver catching a very tricky business; somehow, the Oliver in question - a cheeky little red head - always manages to elude him, dashing hither and thither and then vanishing suddenly. So, by the time spring comes around there is one very grumpy, hungry troll who's not had a single mouthful of Oliver stew, or Oliver anything else for that matter. Oliver of course is still roaming free; indeed he manages to go shopping without even a sight of his enemy. Back home and feeling full of the joys of living, he concludes that his old adversary has finally given up the chase and sets about baking some celebratory cakes. But has he? Leap! CHOMP! BLEEEUGHHHH! Not quite the delicacy he'd long been anticipating; Olivers taste revolting. One disappointed Troll. Wait a minute ... tick tock PING! What is that wonderful aroma emanating from Oliver's oven? Mmmmmm! Cake - Guess what Troll's new favourite food is. I love Adam Stower's books and this one is particularly satisfying. Superb characters, portrayed with panache, and a clever, funny storyline. There is even a page from 'Trolliver's Cookbook

. -- Jill r bennett * Red Rading Hub * It's common knowledge that all Trolls love eating 'Olivers

-evading genius. As poor Troll becomes increasingly frustrated by the on-going game of cat and mouse, he hatches a cunning plan. But catching an Oliver isn't quite as easy as it looks. This book contains a brilliant fold-out surprise and cupcakes! Adam Stower is a treasure, and his exquisite illustrations are a work of subtle magnificence. -- WRD * WRD Books *

About the Author

Adam Stower

Adam Stower is an award-winning author and illustrator of children’s books. He was born in England and grew up in a village at the edge of Lake Zurich after his family moved to Switzerland. Adam has loved drawing for as long as he can remember. He achieved a first-class honours degree in Illustration from Norwich School of Art, followed by a master’s degree in Narrative Illustration from the University of Brighton.

Adam has illustrated sixteen picture books to date, seven of which he wrote himself. He has also illustrated many chapter books for children both here and in the US.

His books have received international acclaim, winning prizes at home and abroad, including the Red House Book Award for Bottom’s Up! (Author – Jeanne Willis) 2010 and the Wanda Gag Read-Aloud Book Award (US) for Silly Doggy! 2013.

Aside from his work for children’s fiction, Adam also does regular editorial and advertising illustration work. Adam often visits schools, libraries and festivals at home and abroad where he entertains children and adults alike with readings from his books and live-drawing demonstrations.

Adam lives in Brighton, with his wife, his daughter and a cat called Murray.

Author photo © Paul Winter

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Adam Stower
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